Video: 24 Minutes Of Yooka-Laylee Footage From EGX 2016

Even though the Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor was delayed till 2017, we are slowly learning more and more about the game. Playtonic allowed players to get their hands on Yooka-Laylee at EGX 2016. This 24 minute video shows off lots of promising stuff from the demo. Check it out below:


  1. I hope to goodness it’s exclusive to NX or comes to NX !!!!!

    please give us awesome games for the NX
    just release it it already!

    the Wii U is the most disappointed console i’ve ever owned.


    1. ||It’s not exclusive to any faction at its current status unfortunately…||

      1. Lets be fair though, making games is costing allot of money these days sometimes even movie prices 100 million+, so you have to release it on every console to make more money.

        Not to mention these guys deserve everyone’s money, they made some of the best games in Nintendo history.

        There possibly my favorite studio in video game history , altough everything Blizzard makes is also golden.

        1. ||Fascinating, your first comment to me without attacking me…||

          ||Unfortunately I can’t deny that, I’m of course always on Nintendo’s side when it comes to exclusives but as long as they treat our version as good or better than the rest then I’ll accept it…||

          ||Well the ancient Rare Tribe made Perfect Dark, one of my most preferable weapons in gaming history plus a whole stack of other gems, so yes they logically should deserve the resources…||

          ||Yes the Blizzard Empire is also one that I prefer to bargain with…||

  2. I got a question for the people who don’t always agree with my opinions:

    Don’t you think that this is exactly what Donkey Kong country should be like and not the 2d versions that we already had 20+ years ago?

    And the same can be said about Kirby,Kid Icarus, Yoshi and perhaps some other franchises i’m forgetting (Starfox adventure game?).

    And to take this topic one step further, should metroid be Nintendo’s serious shooter game with great exploration in single player, and multiplayer on a high level like the most played shooters?

    Should F-Zero be one of the best race games out there? (I don’t know any good examples cause its not really my genre)

    Or how about a real console pokemon game rpg style with perhaps a big open world like monster hunter and the new zelda.

    Don’t you agree that nintendo games could be so much more than what they are?

    1. Nintendo is one company. They have nowhere near enough resources to consistently devote that much time and money into each franchise you listed.

      1. I tought about that aswell, but is that really our problem? They should find a solution. They can start by working with these guys again and give them Donkey Kong there the original creators of donkey kong country after all.

        These games will generate more money for Nintendo meaning more rescources for other games aswell.

        1. Yes, of course they have separate teams for different games. But expanding the teams enough to do what he suggested would require massive hiring, which would drastically increase Nintendo’s budget and lose a considerable amount of money.

          1. We’re talking about one of the richest companies. This brings me to a point I made numerous times; They do not take risks anymore. This shows with their franchises (though BotW is showing promise), and on this topic, with the company structure as well. They just play it safe when they don’t have to, in my opinion.

  3. Wii U is dead. That is a fact.
    I hope the NX is truly bad ass.
    I hope it gets awesome fun and badass games like this.

  4. Please be getting an NX port as I really want to play this Banjo-Kazooie successor on a Nintendo console! Otherwise, I’ll have to get this game on PS4 instead because I’m not playing what will be an awesome game on an inferior console like Wii U.

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