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Ask The Pokémon Sun And Moon Developers Your Questions

Even though Pokémon Sun and Moon are less than two months away, there are still many mysteries about the upcoming games. Luckily for us, Nintendo’s Australian Twitter account is offering fans the chance to pose questions to the game’s developers. Both Junichi Musuda and Shigeru Ohmori have been with the series for many years now so this is an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered. While hundreds of questions have be posted, the most popular tweets so far seem to focus on post-game content and Mega Evolution.

22 thoughts on “Ask The Pokémon Sun And Moon Developers Your Questions”

      1. Nice try troll, I just visited their twitter. They haven’t answered any questions yet, so shut up! You’re not from Nintendo, so don’t try to lie and hurt someone’s feelings, jerk. Besides, I’ve theorized that Mega Stones will be replaced with Mega Z Crystals, containing the same properties of Mega Stones. Except Rayqauza, it won’t need one. So again, shut up troll.

      2. You know, that could be a kid you just hurt the feelings of. Don’t just go throwing your opinions around without proof. I always jumped straight to believing rumors, but not anymore. I wait for proof. Your opinions won’t affect me! I’m opinion proof!

  1. Samuel Coley calm down, its just his opinion he didn’t even say he got his information from Twitter. Also idiotic and jerk are negatives so since you have a double negative you are basically saying he is neither an idiot or a jerk.

    1. While Samuel should calm down a bit, I have issue with that “negatives” thing. Idiotic & jerk are insults, not negatives. Did you even take grammar class, dude?

      1. Yeah, I get a bit carried away. My bad. But seriously, he shouldn’t just throw opinions like that around, what if it was a kid who loved Mega Pokémon and just went and hurt his feeling? But, since Digimon has returned, Pokémon’s Megas are going to need to step up. There’ll be new Mega Level forms in the new Digimon movies.

  2. Don’t have a Twitter. In fact, I never intend to have one. So hopefully someone is asking a question if Cosplay Pikachu will be unlocked from being a prisoner on the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games because some of us like her little tail & also spent hours upon hours winning contests & leveling her up. We deserve to be able to take it off those games & into new games whenever we want.

    In the words of Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson: Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking game locked Pokemon in this motherfucking franchise!

    1. Knowing Nintendo & their affiliates, they’ll probably just give answers we should already know so it’s probably pointless to ask a big question.

  3. So will there be a button where you can control the camera freely? I found difficult and annoying always having the camera as isometric (up to down slightly turned). I prefered the x and y version where you could move the camera freely and see clearly where you were going and other details of the space you were.

  4. Please leave a bloody place to save before showing your stupid credits and end scene and after beating the champion as it is very problematic. This is due to it lasting for a bloody whales age.

  5. Does Serena is going to return in sun and moon anime ( if Serena returns animes popularity will return ) I wish I could Serena in sun and moon

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