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Musterbrand Unveils Their Official Zelda Clothing Line

Musterbrand and Nintendo have partnered to release an official Legend of Zelda clothing line. This comes on the heels of Nintendo’s collaboration with Vans. While Musterbrand are a designer label, they focus on designing clothes based on gaming properties. Previous lines have included Half Life, Portal and Street Fighter. While many of the pieces in the collection are rather expensive, they promise a high quality. The Link Voyage coat costs a whopping £132. However, despite the price, many of the items have already sold out during their presale event. The full collection can be seen on their website. Do you like the look of the line? Tell us below.


42 thoughts on “Musterbrand Unveils Their Official Zelda Clothing Line”

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  2. Very limited selection. The voyage thing is ugly to me. The two hoodies look cool though. The scarf… I’m a guy, and live I Florida, so no use for that. But looks good. But the prices are expensive. As for the loot bag, eh. I don’ like it. And why are they in euros if this is Nintendo of America?

    1. It’s getting cold here so that scarf would be nice. Even if it wasn’t getting cold, I’d still get that scarf because it looks nice enough to wear even when it’s not cold. Fuck what is normal! I’ll wear that scarf proudly as a gamer nerd even if it makes me look ridiculous! lol

      1. Here in Florida, specifically South Florida, the coldestb it gets is like in the 60s, maaaaaybe the 50s. And that’s for like two weeks. So it’s too hot to wear one haha. It’s one reason I don’t wear suits except for very special occasions (the other reason being they are very expensive). But if it’s cold enough where you are, rock it bro! No shame in Zelda gear!

        1. I meant wearing it even during the non-Winter months. lol Hence the “fuck what is normal!” part since most people would look at you as if there is something wrong with you for wearing a scarf in non-Winter months.

          1. Oh haha. Well if you wore it in Florida during the non-winter months, you really would be … not normal? I don’t want to say abnormal, cuz I didn’t think that quite fits what we’re talking about.

            1. If I lived in Florida, I wouldn’t dare do such a thing with a scarf as thick as that one. I’d rather not look cool than die from a heat stroke. @.@

              1. Haha. Yep. I love the heat personally. But it totally restricts my wardrobe. One big downfall to it. Plus, we don’t get all four seasons, so that stinks too. Although driving in snow and scraping ice off my windows weren’t exactly great when I lived in cold weather areas.

      1. Blue would have been preferable to that bland shade of green. But that’s not saying much since I still think the scarf looks cool. That & a dark shade of color is best since it is supposed to be a winter garment, after all.

              1. I prefer the Wind Waker colors, to be honest. I like my Zelda to be colorful. Besides, you can give people a dark atmosphere without resorting to bland, realistic colors since Wind Waker did have a dark backstory. I mean, the world we know & love (Hyrule) is buried underneath a great sea for crying out loud!

          1. I read it. Not defending him. Just putting my unrelated 2 cents in about the color I would have preferred over the dark green. His comment on here is actually irrelevant to me.

  3. The only thing I could pull off is that scarf. I’ll wait a few days and see if I still want it by then. I could use a scarf.

  4. I kind of want the hooded shirt and hoodie. The extra room in the hoods would be nice considering I have dreads lol. I feel like the bag wouldn’t be big enough to haul around music stuff or anything that I’d consider using it for though. Still, 👍.

  5. By the way, Christmas is in a few months. Feel free to buy me one or both of those hoodies my fellow MNN followers haha. I’ll tell Santa what a great human you are and make sure you’re put on the nice list.

      1. I love that cutaway, which is hilarious to me, so much that I couldn’t help but like my own comment! Don’t judge me! @.@ lol

        1. Sadly, I could only find one where it ends with Stewie offering Brian one free revenge shot on the plane but the best parts of it are there. The flamethrower is always the best part. “OH MY GOD!!!” lol

  6. I love the scarf & that Link Voyage jacket. *looks at the prices* Holy shit, Batman! That’s expensive! @.@ *cries inside*

  7. Pricing isn’t bad at all when compared to that Sonic line you recently posted. But, I don’t necessarily see where I can use it since it’s always warm here. And the loot bag is cool, but too small. I love green, but this military shade I don’t dig.

    Not sure the hoodie and jacket have logos, but the design doesn’t do it justice as is.

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