Google Teases Its New Pixel Smartphone With A Zelda Majora’s Mask Reference

Google is set to reveal its new smartphone range later today which is being advertised under the Pixel banner. The company has a live stream countdown to the unveiling on YouTube and one Redditor has spotted that the countdown timer uses an iconic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask reference. This could be nothing more than a fan showing their appreciation for the game but the internet suspects that there could be a Nintendo and Google collaboration in the works like there was at the Apple event where the company debuted Super Mario Run timed exclusively on iOS devices. Some people have taken this idea one step further after it was revealed that the Google Project Tango tablet’s model number is NX-74751. This has led some to believe that there’s a wider Nintendo and Google collaboration.


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  1. That’s quite a reach, but it’s certainly possible. It would be weird for Nintendo to partner with a company as open and connected as Google considering how tight and self-contained Nintendo is.

  2. Ace Ventura: I can’t wait to see the NX reveal.
    Ray Finkle’s dad: The NX ain’t coming out.
    Ace: But Nintendo said…
    Finkle’s dad: They said it’s coming out. See, the engine’s running, but there’s nobody behind the wheel.

    Just a joke people! Don’t blast me!

  3. NX Phone as the handheld sibling to a NX Console would set the world ablaze! Nothing would make my gaming more complete than having a nintendo phone!

  4. Nintendo has been so quiet and really hasn’t released much of anything in the past year or longer. I wonder how many games are finished and sitting waiting to be released on NX. I wonder if NX is even finished being manufactured. I wonder if they’re planning on delaying everything until holiday 2017?
    It sure would be nice to hear something.
    I wonder if the investors are starting to get concerned.
    I know I am.

    1. ||Like I’ve said, the time is near, you will all witness…||

  5. This is probably just a Nintendo fan at Google messing around. I certainly hope there’s no collaboration between the two on the NX. That would probably turn me off to the whole thing.

  6. Piece-of-SHIT hipsters, tearing Nintendo down step by step, day by day.
    Nintendo’s next CEO will be some random Jonah Goldschmidt.

  7. They’re announcing “the legend of Zelda run” exclusive on android for the first few months as counter to”super Mario run” on iOS.

    1. I doubt it will be Zelda Run. Maybe Zelda pot smashing. Something with swinging a sword. I’d imagine.

      1. They wanted to add a mode in Hyrule Warriors devoted to cutting grass so maybe a Zelda Lawnmower mobile game could be in the works! xD

  8. It would be cool if there is some announcement. Miyamoto was on stage at an Apple event last month, so who knows! Maybe Legend of Zelda has a mobile game coming.

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