Capcom UK Teases Possibility Of The Great Ace Attorney Localization

Update: Capcom UK’s Monster Hunter Community Manager has explained the situation in a reply to a fan.

A tweet from Capcom UK’s Twitter has been posted which has raised some eyebrows. The tweet is for a competition, and it just so happens to use music from The Great Ace Attorney. When this was brought to the attention to the video’s host, Capcom UK’s Monster Hunter Community Manager, his response is “busted”. We included both the video and the response down below, but there are loads of responses from people speculating that this may mean an imminent announcement of the localization of The Great Ace Attorney. It’s also possible that this all means nothing, so there’s not a thing that is set in stone at this time. Because of this, it’s best to wait and see what happens.


Thanks kantenstain for the tip.


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