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Video: Check Out The First Two Hours Of Monster Hunter Stories

As you might have seen earlier, YouTuber Tilmen has received his import copy of Capcom’s cute and colourful Monster Hunter Stories. You can check out the opening introduction sequence in full 3D on your New Nintendo 3DS browser, right here. Alternatively you can check out the first two hours of the game, below. Hopefully the game will be localised for the west, but sadly nothing has been mentioned by Capcom PR thus far.


  1. Ohhhhhh I just had an idea. Maybe they aren’t haven’t announced a localization because it won’t be coming to the 3DS in the west. They might be waiting for Nintendo to reveal the NX before they announce that Stories is coming to the NX in the west. I’m reaching…but I need to give myself hope that I’ll get to play this game!

  2. I dont think they are waiting for the NX. I just think its because loacalizing a massive rpg like MH stories is extremely expensive. And Capcom is afraid of the game bombing in the West after spending millions and millions of dollars on localizing. Thats what Capcom would tell you at least…

    But I never understood why they couldn’t just throw some English subtitles and call it good. That would be cheap and fast.. Guess thats too easy and treehouse needs to feel important.

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