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Palutena amiibo Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The Toys “R” Us-exclusive Palutena amiibo is now available for pre-order. Priced at $13.99, the Kid Icarus-themed figure will be shipped to consumers around October 27. The Palutena amiibo was initially released in July 2015, alongside Dark Pit. It is compatible with multiple games on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, including the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. series.




  1. TOYS R US EXCLUSIVE? That’s even worse than when it was an Amazon exclusive. Toys R Us doesn’t even care if they damage the packaging on amiibo when they ship them. Back when I ordered 2 Lucario amiibo, they put them both in the box sideways, and crushed the packaging on both of them. It was the most careless, amateur packing job I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, I already have a Palutena amiibo. So if I order another one, it will be to open it. So it won’t matter if the packaging gets damaged. Still, I HATE WHEN AMIIBO ARE STORE EXCLUSIVES!

    1. The hype may have died, but by having store exclusive, it forces the few amiibo hunters still out there to buy from them. Basically like a monopoly for that particular item (scalpers and reselling aside). You want Palutena, you have to buy from Toys “R” Us.

  2. Ahh. The retail store I work at is a haven for Palutena amiibo (Australia). And we’ve had Palutena for almost over a year??

    You poor americans are really getting it bad. But don’t get excited. As a Palutena fan I can already tell you that the Palutena amiibo is shit. They sculpted her face wrong and she looks quite strange.

  3. Of course the “human-like” characters will be of lower quality compared to “non-human” characters due to the fact that they require much more detail to look anywhere near as good as their actual in-game models.

  4. I wonder if the restocking of this amino hints towards the NX launching with a Kid Icarus game… Even if I am a fan of the 3DS title, it wouldn’t be enough to push me into early adopter territory.

  5. I need Lucina but I’m betting Best Buy already sold out of them. FUCK YOUR SHITTY, TERRIBLE STOCK, NINTEND’OH!!

    1. Surprisingly, they are still up for pre-order. But that’s no guarantee since they did cancel preorders of a previous amiibo awhile back before because they got more pre-orders then they were getting stock of the damn thing. Even still, I can’t afford that now as my bank account only has about 20 bucks left & I’d rather not have below 10 bucks left in there so early in the damn month. If Lucina was coming out on the 27th or later, I’d go ahead & preorder since they wouldn’t actually take my money til the day of them shipping it to my house. I guess I could cancel my shipment of WWE 2k17 for my PS4 so I’d still have a nice, tidy sum left in the bank but I want Goldberg day 1 of getting my game! :/ *sigh*

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