Emily Rogers Says A New IP Coming To NX Is “Weird, Fun And Crazy”

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers says she has heard from one of her sources that Nintendo is working on a brand new IP for the Nintendo NX platform that’s unlike any other Nintendo game that has come before it. She was told that the game, which is designed by the Japanese team, is best described as weird, fun and crazy and that “Nintendo doesn’t have another game like this”

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      1. I hope not. Sonys output this gen has been beyond boring. From a games perspective the PS4 is the weakest gen of Sony ever imho. A significant drop in quality for most of their exclusives. Real shame.

  1. Yeah, well, after speaking with “some people,” I was able to ascertain that there will be a new IP appearing on the NX that’s typical, not fun, and sane. “Nintendo has a lot of games like this.”

    Twitter gold, run a fucking news piece on that, I’m relevant.

  2. If it’s unlike anything they currently have, I’m guessing it’s a genre that they haven’t really played around with yet; maybe a beat-em-up or a fighting game. Since she says it’s “weird” I suspect it’s going to follow Nintendo’s other recent IPs and feature some sort of strange creatures. (i.e. squid-kids, pikmin, etc.)

    I got it. You play as a teenage cucumber fighting against the evil Acetic Empire, led by the Mother of Vinegar. The Empire recently invaded Gourdville and is corrupting all of its citizens with its evil pickling solution.

    1. Look at this trash indie game maker trying to use my name…smh. Lulzy you are a clown….a ignorant no pussy getting Snaggle Puss talking one at that lol

  3. Welp, we still haven’t received any word about the NX this week and she panicked so now she saying Nintendo will be speaking to investors about the details of the NX this week and revealing next week to cover her ass.

    I wouldn’t trust her at all, she’s a liar and she gets scared at the littlest sign of her vision becoming false.

  4. Since Emily Rogers says it, that means that a “New IP coming to NX from one of Nintendo’s teams in Japan. Described as weird, fun and crazy,” will not be happening. Because since when has Emily Rogers been right about ANYTHING.

    1. Everything from Nintendo is pretty much “weird, fun and crazy” and if a new IP is even being made at all, it will be just that. I can make the same predictions as her honestly.

  5. I think they are talking about making another Nintendo franchise for its new IP. Whatever they have for us I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Intense. And Emily Rogers is speaking out the next Nintendo title.

  6. I feel like Emily Rogers uses the same method as a self-acclaimed psychic, making predictions so vague and making so many of them that they can be bent to be seen as true no matter the circumstance.

    1. Psychics like that piss me off. They are giving a bad name to the actual real, good ones! Assholes..!

  7. I bet she learned her lesson from Breath of The Wild and is now pulling out the vague predictions card so that people are more likely to praise her.

          1. I’m a sucker for eye candy. I got a bunch of files, emails, bookmarks, etc of eye candy saved up in multiple locations. Let’s say if all of that shit was able to be converted into money, I’d be a very, very, very rich man. @.@ Sad that people like me will be looked down upon because not everyone saves eye candy on the internet for their own private visual library as some losers actually steal this stuff from others & try to pass it off as theirs. Like the losers on Facebook making fake accounts of famous and popular cosplayers using their own pictures. Despicable. Then again, this is the internet & we all know the net is full of scum.

            1. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Oh god. I wonder what in that comment of mine triggered this crap.

              1. Whatever the case, I hope it doesn’t take long for it to get moderated. Otherwise, it’s just gonna get lost in the shuffle. Maybe I should copy & paste my comment & repost it in case this is a glitch that goes unnoticed & unfixed.

                Oh god! Maybe I used the wrong set of words & phrases and now the NSA is being paranoid & wanting to make sure it’s not some code for some nefarious plan. Like how that one trailer for that Snowden movie had the phrase “This is the bomb!” being a trigger phrase even though the guy who used it was using it as a euphemism for “This is awesome!” lol

  8. I have an uncle that works at NOA. He says that the NX “will be tremendous” and “you won’t believe how great it is”. He said the NX launch lineup will be “yuge” and the NX will “make Nintendo great again”. He lamented that the gaming industry was rigged against the Wii U.

    Somehow Nintendo is going to make Sony and Microsoft pay for the NX R&D, production and marketing. Please understand, this is real and legitimate. Believe me.

  9. Ay ……”Emily Rogers says” …. Like she’s played or seen …. Actual story : “Emily Rogers heard…..” At this point Emily, like Patcher… Just spews nonsense for the sake of spewing nonsense.

    On a brighter note… Those Rosalina pics 😍😍

    1. I know, right! She sure does have a lot of them to show. I don’t think she’s shown the same picture twice YET!

      1. Lol, what’s funny is like yesterday she said these next 2 weeks will be interesting. Today she said we may not hear nothing after all… Then Boom! Nintendo drops a Bullet Bill saying they will tease NX tomorrow. Don’t mean to hate on the gal but she kinda asks for it by repeatedly reporting on rumors. Ah well, we finally will know something and it is Nintendo themselves who will say something :)

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