Michel Ancel Says Beyond Good & Evil 2 Tech Is Ready And The Team Is Fantastic

One game that many of you are looking forward to is the apparent reboot of Beyond Good & Evil. The action based platformer has already been confirmed as in development by Ubisoft and is rumoured to be an exclusive for the Nintendo NX platform. Lead developer Michel Ancel has posted on Instagram that the technology for the game is now ready and the team heading up the project are brilliant. It’s thought to be a 2018 title.


    1. ||We are now, you don’t really think we are “delaying” the NX’s unveiling to mock the army now do you?…||

  1. I hope this is NX exclusive. Not to “punish” other gamers but to entice people into buying an NX and help it build an appealing library of exclusives to help it do well in the market against Sony & Microsoft.

  2. If this is a NX exclusive.. this could drive sells along with the Zelda Wiiu port. Mario and the other big games will come later; but if Nintendo releases at launch Zelda + BGE2 + Mario + some FPS. Nintendo could have a good launch i think. Aside of course from the non-popular third party games. 15-20 good games will make the deal.

      1. exactly! Would be awesome, if FF comes or at least Square announced the game for it, will be aaaaawesome(x3)!

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