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The Nintendo Switch Controller Might Have Analogue Triggers

According to Laura Dale, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller may have analogue triggers. The games journalist has proved reliable in the past, but this comes with no official word from Nintendo. Interesting, the only other Nintendo console to feature analogue triggers was the GameCube. This has led some fans to speculate that a GameCube Virtual Console might be coming to the console.

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    1. Nope. Neither the Classic Controller, nor the Pro version, had analog triggers. I understand the confusion though; many people seemed to think so for some reason.

        1. Well, I don’t have one; I just have the Pro version and I can tell you that it doesn’t have analog triggers. My conclusion was only based off of some forums that stated otherwise.

      1. Actually, the original Wii Classic Controllers DID have analog triggers, it’s just they were never officially used.

        They function like a GCN controller’s triggers, and Homebrew Apps that let you play GCN games with a Classic Controller (such as Nintendon’t) can actually use them for GCN games. I was pretty surprised myself.

  1. This is something I never quite understood. Nintendo had analog triggers on the Gamecube and then ditched them for two generations. I would be glad to see them return.

  2. Please, PLEASE do this Nintendo. Analog triggers are probably my only hardware gripe with the Wii U’s controllers. (That were not compatible with the original Wii. So… basically the GamePad and the Pro Controller.) I’m really not too sure why they didn’t do this.

    Do the right thing.

  3. Can’t say they’ll be useful for me unless I play a AAA racing game on the Nintendo Switch, but the more the Switch has, the better.

  4. This is exactly why the Wii and Wii U did not and do not get Gamecube games- they won’t work without analogue buttons.

    If this is true, then the chances of a Gamecube VC have never been higher, and a very welcome asset.

    1. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference between analog and digital triggers? And why would it stop you from being able to play GCN games?

      1. Analogue triggers have varying sensitivity basically. Like did you play Sunshine or Luigi’s Mansion? The water pressure or sucking power varied based on how much you held down the shoulder buttons. That’s analogue. Digital is just pressed or not pressed.

      2. Analog triggers are sensitive to pressure. The analog system allow one to exert different pressures on the button in order to promote variable and diverse inputs. One good example is the rule of L and R buttons from the DS4 and Xbox One controller in racing games. The more you push the button, the more the car accelerates or brakes.

        Digital triggers are not sensitive to pressure. Then the input is all or nothing, which makes game mechanics simpler.

      3. Analogue could be pressed anywhere between a little to all the way down- for example, racing games, you could push a little and lock yourself at 20mph, or push all the way in and accelerate indefinitely. Or an example from my favorite game F-Zero GX, how much you pressed the button affected the degree of your machine’s tilt, allowing for sharper turns or drifting. Digital is one-and-done. Think NES or SNES controllers.

  5. Could someone explain me what’s the difference in analogue triggers, and stuff like that? I really don’t know anything about it.

    1. Analog triggers are sensitive to pressure, while digital are not. I tried to give an explanation just above — I hope it helps.

      1. actually thats to cut and dry discription theres no reason why a digital trigger couldnt be made to accelorate like a analog trigger

        just like digital volume on A TOUCH SCREEN ETC but yes your right not nit pucking just explaining igital can be programmable

        1. actually, that is not accurate. by definition digital is all or nothing. While there are ways to transfer a digital signal into an analogue signal and vice versa, but with a simple mechanic like a digital trigger, it would not be possible to generate an analogue output given only a digital on/off signal.

  6. At this point, I’d rather get HD remakes of Eternal Darkness & the Baten Kaitos franchise but I guess GCN VC would be nice as long as they don’t end up like Skyward Sword did on Wii U.

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