UK: Nintendo Looks Set To Be Returning To Tesco Retail Stores

If you’re from the United Kingdom you may have noticed that giant supermarket chain Tesco had stopped stocking Nintendo products a while back. Well, you will be pleased to know that the situation looks to have changed and Nintendo products are now being stocked on the store shelves. This is probably in preparation for the NES Mini along with the forthcoming Nintendo Switch console.



  1. This really has me thinking…here in my local Tesco in Ireland, they have gotten rid of all the games, dvds and stuff and something new is coming, according to the sign. I wonder if they too are putting up Nintendo stuff!

  2. to be honest who really go to Tesco to buy a console or even a game!!!! it’s always £10 or £20 more expensive than GAME UK/Micromania who is already expensive to start with. To be honest I never been sad to see Nintendo product out of tesco in fact I would say I was even happy to not see any Nintendo product in that shop which cheat their tax profits and give you horse meat instead of beef….

    For me that a sad news

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