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Oceanhorn Studio Has At Least Two Games Planned For Nintendo Switch

FDG Entertainment has revealed that it has at least a couple projects planned for Nintendo Switch. The studio behind the Zelda-inspired Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is bringing two of its games to the upcoming console sometime during the first half of next year. What those titles are have yet to be confirmed, but expect them to be announced closer to Nintendo Switch’s launch, which is scheduled to take place in March 2017.



    1. Yacht Club already confirm they’re supporting Switch and I’m pretty sure Playtonic will eventually

    2. ||There is no doubt in any way that the Playtonians will support The First Order…||

    3. As sure as the birth of a saint, I wouldn’t ask you to change one thing, so BE YA SELF! …AND TRY AND HAVE A GOOOD TIME! BE YO SEELLLF! AND TRY AND HAVE A, HAHA HAHA YEEEAAAA!

    1. Oceanhorn is really, really good. Finished it twice on PC. Its a dead-on clone of Zelda but it’s done really well. One of the best Zelda clones I’ve ever played.

    2. Don’t even worry about NX or Switch, they’re the same thing anyway, and I’m not sure about anybody else, but I understand why you said NX atfirst. That being because we have called it the NX for over a Year and a Half now.

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