UK: The Wii U Had 2% Of The Hardware Market In The UK During October

While Microsoft is enjoying success with its recently released Xbox One S system, recent figure reveal that Nintendo is really struggling to get people to purchase the Wii U in the United Kingdom. Microsoft had a 56 percent share of the UK console hardware market in October. Sony had 42 percent for its PlayStation 4 console and Nintendo had only a 2 percent share for its Wii U system.




  1. Well after the reveal of the NS, I would expect it to get low on sales as we are all excited for Nintendo’s new console. That, and Nintendo already stopped shipping Wii U’s since whoever wanted one already has one (including myself… bought a replacement since my white Wii U got stolen.. but good old Nintendo Services helped me get all my purchases back on this new one).
    I haven’t seen nor heard of any new games coming for the Wii U that interest me, and i don’t think I will get Breath of the Wild for the Wii U…

  2. So? Japan’s population is twice as big and Nintendo is pretty much sharing that market 50/50 with Sony, while Microsoft consistently struggles, and often fails, to break 1,000 sold units.

  3. We all know it’s Nintendo ‘s fault and nothing can’t be done about it. Personally I don’t even know when was the last game released on the wii u. I know I will get Zelda wii u for sure and then purchase game I didn’t buy yet like bayonetta 2, Hyrule warrior and wonderful 101. I would have love to buy one piece unlimited world red hat edition but way too expensive (for some reason).

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