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Dungeon Of Zaar Is Coming To Nintendo Switch As A Console Exclusive

A new turn-based strategy title called Dungeon of Zaar is in development, and it’s heading to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive in 2017. Set in a magical castle, the game revolves around an explorer tasked with leading a team of mercenaries to plunder whatever treasures are hidden in the depths of the dungeon, while fending off enemies that have the same goal. Check out a trailer for Dungeon of Zaar below:



  1. Yes!!! The exclusive i always wanted. No rdr2, no persona 5, no ffxv but as long as Dungeon of Zaar is confirmed i will buy switch day one!!!! Honestly now who on earth cares for cheap games like this?

    1. Are you talking to me?
      You can keep RDR2 and Persona 5 but I really love SRPG so…this is a game I will buy day one.

  2. Not true, I quote:

    “Please take this news with a grain of salt. This is a Kickstarter project for PC/Linux/Mac that JUST got funded less than 24 hours ago.
    The devs profess to be “huge Nintendo fans” and will “do [their] best” to get the game on the Switch after the initial launch, but nothing is written in stone at this point.”

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