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Miitomo Users Have Been Sent Notifications About What’s Coming In The Next Update

You may recall news about a big Miitomo update that Nintendo announced at their financial results briefing. Well, users have been sent notifications that explain more on what will be coming in the update. We’ve included a list of the changes down below.

  • The ability to send messages directly to your friends.
  • The ability to customize your room with new flooring and wallpapers.
  • The ability to hang your favorite images on your room’s walls as posters.
  • The ability to share your outfits with the world through “Style Central” and answer publicly posted questions in “Answer Central.”
  • The ability to create “Sidekick Mii” characters, complete with their own customizable rooms.


27 thoughts on “Miitomo Users Have Been Sent Notifications About What’s Coming In The Next Update”

  1. How about spreading to additional countries? I live in Croatia and can’t download the game? What madness is this! I’m not gonna change my vpn or “lie” everytime I want to dl something Nintendo related.. get it together!

      1. Then they are fucking retarded because 4 million is still a lot of people. Only an idiot that doesn’t know how to actually run a business would think 4 million is not worth supporting. Even if half of them don’t download, that’s still 2m. That shit adds up if all of them buy at least 5 bucks worth of shit. That’s 10m bucks right there. What idiot would turn that much money down!? Hell! They’d probably make even more than that since I didn’t take how much Croatia’s money is worth in American money into account.

        1. Not even 50% of New Yorkers have this app, what makes you think they’ll even get 2 million Croatians? Of course they’re not going to bother on your tiny shithole of a country. Why should they bother with Croatia when they could bother with any settlement with more than 4million people? What makes Croatia a more lucrative market than New Zealand or Norway or Hong Kong or Serbia or the Czech Republic?

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||They released it in the human country of Luxemburg, your argument is invalid by default…||

          2. Where are you fucktards that obviously never ran a business, much less a corporation like Nintendo, coming from!? lol You & Dingus up there would not last long at all as CEOs of companies the size of Nintendo, Sony, etc. By the way, Croatia is not my country. Just because I support people in another country doesn’t mean I’m a citizen or whatever there. That’s like assuming because someone doesn’t support Trump that they automatically support Hillary instead.

        1. Clearly they are part of the dumbographic, a play on demographic, in America that think small countries are irrelevant compared to the US. I got news for them but there are a few small countries in the world that are pretty much superpowers in their own right. Like Switzerland! You don’t become a neutral country like Switzerland unless you have the power to actually fend for yourselves with little to no help from others.

  2. Sounds neat. But I wish there was a more streamlined version that functioned more like Twitter. I guess a text based experience is what I’m asking for.

  3. Great. Most of these are things I wanted a long time ago, so I’m glad they keep improving on the game. As I’ve said before, the game has potential. That said, the biggest problem atm is that all my friends have stopped playing

    1. Yep. My friends all quit as well. As did I. As usual, Nintendo’s strategy: Let it die, make it better, wonder why no one is buying or playing it.

          1. We complain because we’re upset with Nintendo, and we have every right to be. But since these Nintendo defenders want to get upset about that, it’s nice to know we can accomplish two things with complaining: getting our frustrations out without physicality… and annoying Nintendo fanbitches! I love this site for that shit alone! Way better than Miiverse which was great til Nintendo fucked it up, & definitely miles ahead of Nintendo Life where so much as one sentence of negativity has dozens of people going all rabid because you dared to disagree with their almighty God.

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||Lord Yamauchi, Lord Iwata and now Lord Kimishima are our Supreme Gods, High Command is the second in command, Nintendo is our sacred realm not God…||

              1. I wasn’t referring to people like you. I know you don’t see them as God or any god for that matter. I’m referring to those morons that don’t question Nintendo even when they are making dumb decisions like letting FedshitForce get made.

  4. I think Miitomo and MyNintendo rewards have been held back by Nintendo’s current predicament of having to wait until next year/closer to the Switch launch to show the big picture plan so as to keep the hype and attention all on them. I’ve always assumed these things felt incomplete because they were part of a bigger ecosystem that revolved around NX(Switch), which understandably was pushed into 2017 to ensure that the launch lineup was strong. The problem is that MyNintendo, etc. was promised and released this year and so it ended up just making a weak first impression just to stick to schedule they set. If all this is the case though I hope after the full features are there they can reintroduce these things, get the user base back and the community popping again.

    Also if you want to jump back into Miitomo it’s easier than ever to add friends now whether you know them IRL or not.

    1. Let’s hope that’s exactly why My Nintendo, Nintendo Account, & a couple of other things are so… pathetic right now.

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