Ubisoft Talking To Netflix About A Series

Popular developer Ubisoft whose franchises include Rayman and Assassin’s Creed are reportedly in talks with Netflix over a new streaming show. It is not clear which franchise they are looking to adapt for the popular online streaming company. Which video game series do you think would be the best fit for a Netflix show?

The head of French software games developer Ubisoft reiterated on Monday his desire to keep Ubisoft independent, in the face of pressure from shareholder Vivendi, and added Ubisoft was in talks with Netflix over a series.



  1. Assassin’s Creed would make sense and could be great if the movie is successful.
    Splinter Cell could probably make a cool action/drama.
    Watch_Dogs could definitely be cool with all the tech stuff as long as they don’t get incredibly unrealistic and corny.

  2. Please don’t. When someone manages to tell a story through a videogame, every attempt of putting this on the big screen always can only fail. Sometimes it fails hard, sometimes it fails in a way that might not feel like a big deal. But assuming that that story is bound to a good videogame, it can never succeed in really adding anything. Never.
    One day, it could theoredically become possible that huge studios find a way to make it possible in a way that Quantum Break tried to do it. But they also failed.

    The thing is, if you experience a game with a good story in an interactive way, being able to make own decisions, experiencing your own adventure, then a movie or series can never come close to that. And if that movie or series is even telling a different version of the story (like it usually has to be, because dramaturgy just works differently on that medium) then it’s even harmful for the brand and the experience.

    I can imagine, that making some superstrange movie for a completely abstract game like Tetris would have better chances of making sense than turning games into movies that are already offering so much more than that. It just always feels like a cheesy downgrade. ESPECIALLY now that the gaming industry is moving into VR space.

    So, no, please Ubisoft, leave my Netflix alone and focus on creating great (und bugfree) games.

    1. The Halo movies/web series have been great, and there were a few animated Dead Space movies that were pretty good. It’s certainly possible to do video games justice, but they do need to be more cinematic games. Games like Zelda, And Elder Scrolls wouldn’t work as well since they aren’t very cinematic style games, and they have a lot of choices given to the player like you stated. Also games like Halo, Dead Space, Assassin’s Creed, and Splinter Cell all have graphic novels and/or books about them which certainly help in story telling and adapting them into movies or TV shows

  3. Watch them just bring that really bad Rabbids show on Nickelodeon to Netflix. They’ll throw in a couple glitches for good measure and boom, you got a Netflix Ubisoft show.

  4. They made a Skylanders show a few weeks ago and it’s TRASH! Nothing to do with the game. Plz don’t Ubisoft…

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