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The Nintendo Switch Trailer Has Now Reached 20 Million Views

The three-minute Nintendo Switch teaser trailer that gave us the first look at Nintendo’s next generation handheld and home console hybrid system, the Nintendo Switch, has now reached over 20 million views on YouTube. That’s quite some achievement given that it only made its debut a couple of weeks ago. We shall find out more about the system including games and pricing at the Nintendo Switch event which takes place on January 12th.

Thanks to ZeldaStorm for the tip!


    1. This might trigger some people but… I don’t expect much Nintendo news over the next month & something weeks til January when we are close to the full reveal of the Switch because of the aftermath of the presidential elections. Maybe Nintendo should move that reveal up a bit to help some of us get our minds off of the worst presidential election in decades. Final Fantasy XV can’t release soon enough for me. I should finish Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster before it releases while I wait.

      1. Russian president Putin was infuriated by Clinton’s blaming of Russia for the recent hacking of the east coast, not to mention her emails. She also had plans involving the middle east that would have gone against Russia as well as their own fight against ISIS. He was considering going to war against America if she was elected. So I personally think that between the two choices, we got the better choice. Not the best choice, but in this election there was no best choice.

        1. Donald Trump is a bigot who cares about nothing but himself. Big multi-billion dollar businesses are going to thrive during his presidency. Small business and the working class will suffer. I really lost faith with the American people after this election. Maybe this was a lesson most Americans needed to learn. It will be a hard lesson.

          1. Lol can’t believe anyone is actually trying to seriously discuss the Election on a Nintendo fan site. Look, had Clinton won, we would be on the verge of World War III. That is the fact of the matter because she is nothing but a puppet of the global elite. Russia has repeatedly said that they feared a Clinton presidency because they knew it would mean War. Trump has already completely assuaged this, and he is not even sworn in yet. Cry more, and then go and actually research and realize just how brainwashed you are.

            1. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Nintendo fan site. So your argument is that the Russian Dictator Putin like’s Trump more than Clinton? That right there should throw up a red flag. And that’s not the reason people voted for Trump. And you think I’m the one brainwashed… Ok. We’ll see who crying a year from now. You reap what you sow.

                1. Hahahaha! Being called a retard by someone named Poopy Pooperton is comedy at it’s best. Thank you for that, after the realization of Trump being pres. I needed a good laugh.

                  1. When you got a guy like Trump spouting hate, they tend to bring out the scum of the earth that also do nothing but spread hate. I just hope Trump takes being President serious & stops with that crap next year when he’s sworn in. I’ll admit it was one thing to do it during the elections since you are trying to win but once you become president, it’s time to be more diplomatic & not blow up at the tip of a hat since you won’t be dealing with just your own countrymen as president but other countries, too.

                    1. talks about idiots who spout hate, insults a company and people who don’t agree with him.

                    2. *pulls a Brian & comes back even after walking away* Least my hate is focused on a company that has shitted on it’s fan and customer base for the last 3-4 years. And it’s not my fault the people I don’t agree with are just corporate slaves that only focus on their cares, are easily pleased, & could give a rat’s ass that others ARE getting screwed over. Besides, nobody is perfect as we are all human.

                      As for Trump, I’m over it, I wish him luck, I will support him if he does something I agree with, and I will do the best I can as a citizen to make sure he doesn’t screw anything up.

                      As for Nintendo, I’ll support them when they do something that is worth supporting. Til then, I’m gonna be as harsh as I can be with Nintendo til they get their head out of their ass. If no one likes it, tough shit. They can go to Nintendo Life with the rest of the Nintendrones where every day is a circle jerk ritual for Nintendo. Or Miiverse which is just as equally badly run by idiots.

                    3. Nintendo Life isn’t that bad. There’s only a couple of people like that. I run into more people with common sense there than I do actual fanboys.

                    4. Oh & great going using my own words against me! How original! You must be the first person that has ever done that in the history of humanity! /s lol

                    5. One last thing. While I admit I’m not exactly any better than Trump half the time on here, there is one thing that sets me apart from him. I wasn’t the one trying to become President of the United States of America, one of the top 3 superpowers in the world with enough nuclear power to wipe out Australia & Europe at least 2 times each. Maybe even more than that. Now think about that for a minute. What if Trump is as bad a president as he was a presidential candidate? All it’ll take is one moment of Putin & Trump to disagree on something, for Trump to go on a total shit rant calling Putin all kinds of horrible things, & the same bullshit that people were spouting & fearing about Hillary becoming president will still happen. So I’m not the one that will drag the whole fucking world down with me if I continue being an asshole toward people I disagree with. Just some food for thought the next time one of you morons wants to defend Trump when he goes on a hateful rant. Like I said above, I’ll do my best to make sure Trump does the right things, not do the wrong things, & hopefully impeach his ass out of office the moment he does something stupid that could put billions of people in danger.

              1. lol I assure you I won’t be crying like you are right now. You misconstrued my argument anyway. I’m saying that a Hillary Presidency would have meant WWIII with Russia, plain and simple. Does that mean Putin likes Trump better? Probably, yes, since he doesn’t want to have the entire world embroiled in chaos. Go cry more.

                1. Fear is all republicans can run on anymore. Trump didn’t get voted in because of his policies, he got voted in because pussies like you are scared shitless. Every republican thats running for office always says the dems will cause a WW if they get elected, but the reality is Democrats END wars that were created by the very same Republicans. Just look at all the wars Obama started. (obvious sarcasm) Remember, it was supposed to be the “End of the World” if he got elected!

                  Trump ran a damn good fear campaign and it worked. Gotta give him props there. Just don’t try that fear shit with me, cause it don’t work.

                  WW3… yea, sure…LMAO..

                  1. Meanwhile, we got a guy that has shown he could possibly go off on a world leader with nuclear weapons while he himself has nuclear weapons within arms’ length at any moment that world leader disagrees with him. Yeah. I hate to break it to people but even if Hillary winning could have put us into WW3, it won’t take much for Trump to do roughly the same FUCKING thing.

      2. I can’t believe he got elected. The Democrats ran a horrible campaign. They never dug into his past or really attacked him at all. They underestimated the stupidity of the American people and now we have a worst case scenario.

        1. Like you said earlier, lets wait a year and see what happens. After all, when Obama was elected people said he was immediately the best president ever. That was definitely far from the truth. How about we get back to discussing Nintendo topics?

  1. As long as their ads next year are anywhere near as good as the trailer I’m sure this thing will sell.

        1. I guess its not 100% but I don’t see how it couldn’t be. Its the same game just slightly upgraded for better hardware, and you can take it on the go. I guess you could count things like whatever the gamepad uses as somewhat of a loss, but really that’s not too much of a loss. Lets just put it this way, it will be the best version, unless Nintendo just somehow royally screws things up terribly, which i just don’t see them doing that with a game as important as Zelda.

            1. That’s true, but you can just have a map on screen, or just have map set to select if you want less hud. Always did love that map on the gamepad while playing WWHD tho… but a map on the hud is almost as good so not much of a loss. I’ll take it for the better performance, and being able to play on the go.

          1. Tp does the same along the lines you just said…. And you already know what everyone thinks of the wii version. I am banking on since the newest zelda is a wiiu game first and foremost that that one will be better since everything was meant for that specific console

            1. The wii version was only worse because they mirrored the map, and the weird controls. The Switch version will be the same map, and almost the same controls. It should also have things like better resolution, perhaps more detailed textures, better draw distance, better frame rates. The Switch is almost certainly gonna get the better version.

        1. You sure like to comment on the obvious. Of course it’s some sort of priority. If you notice my post was a question. I genuinely would like to know why someone who hasn’t bought a PS4 yet would wait until the Switch launches to buy one.

  2. That’s nice…there might be hope after all. ALOT of haters and fans are fighting over these rumors, haters as their usual, taking rumors as facts and the fans just getting pissed at them and defending alot.

  3. Its been 20 days since that released. I would say that its 1 million views per day, except it had hit like (I don’t remember exactly) 10 million views its first 24 hrs, and it reached 19 million views several days ago. 20 million views is quite impressive tho! I hooe it sells well so that Nintendo can continue giving us their amazing first party games. And third party games would be nice so that i can play them on the go. But mostly I don’t care too terribly about 3rd party because I’m going to be building me a 9TF 4K gaming PC very soon so…

          1. Even though I love the Gamecube, both Gamecube AND Wii U are flops. Gamecube is just the better flop.

              1. I’d give you an explanation but I recall a certain comment you made about blowing up a bus if you see Pokemon on it. With that mentioned, I don’t see any need to respond to someone I think is just an idiot.

      1. Besides, if it sales 20m it’s first year, that’s a good thing because it’ll have 4 more years to go even higher.

  4. Not true…
    20 067 353 views for Nintendo channel, but there’s channel for each contries.
    861 654 for uk channel, for france, 3 485 673 for japan…

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