Nintendo Addresses NES Classic Sellouts, Says It’s A “Hot Item”

The highly-anticipated NES Classic Edition launched today, November 11, and it looks like a significant amount of Nintendo fans were unable to get their hands on one. Nintendo of America has issued the following statement on the seemingly rampant sellouts, assuring that more consoles will become available at participating retailers in the coming weeks:

“The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand. There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year. Please contact your local retailers to check availability. A selection of participating retailers can be found @



  1. i might be able to get one at black Friday. 2 years ago when the Gamecube controllers were all the buzz my local best buy saved one of the smash bros Gamecube adapter bundles for black Friday and i got it. hoping they will do the same for the nes clasic

  2. My issue isn’t with the fact that this is a hot item and sold out quickly. My issue is with the questionable practices of the retailers I tried to obtain one from this morning.

    When an item is sold with no preorders, one expects they will be available first come, first serve upon store opening time. Yet I would arrive at a store two hours before opening to be greeted by a sign that they were sold out. This repeated at three retailers this morning, leaving me to fight the glitchy Amazon site.

    So even though I was more than happy to waste my day waiting in line for a hot item, there was some backdoor dealing going on somewhere. How can a store sell out of an item before opening unless they sold them all to employees?

    I understand that Target only had 10 and Game Stop only had 12. But let me at least have a chance to sit in line to try and get one!

  3. I was going to go on Amazon the minute they became available to get one, but I realized this thing will eventually be back in stock. It simply isn’t worth the anxiety of trying to grab one now. I’ll get it eventually.

    Honestly though people are being ridiculous. This thing currently holds a 1.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, not because people are unhappy with the product, but because they’re unhappy with the fact that they can’t get one. I understand being frustrated with the ordering process and availability, but is there no patience? It seems that this really is the generation of instant gratification.

    1. It was the lack of a smooth experience. They sold out in seconds and their page was crashing like crazy. I agree with you. But I know how they feel too, I was one of them. Haha.

      1. I just don’t think the product should get a bad review due to the retailers and Nintendo botching the release. Amazon should have a rating system for themselves on their website. lol

  4. LOL lookie there, just as I said on “ebay sellers selling the nes mini classic edition at 999”, they demand is extremely high and nintendo will answer.

    “Agreed, still this is somewhat good news if you think about it. If that demand is extremely high as they are showing now, then there is hope yet for switch. Here is what I mean:

    These greedy fuckers are actually helping nintendo prove there is a high demand…and unless those asses drop the price like oooooh 857 dollars, they will sell, a bit of a small profit, buuuut it works and you still can buy more to keep in stock…for nintendo, its a profit either way, they get their price money, they make more once they see the demand. the better the demand, the better switch will look, lesser price for the launch date…(or so that’s my theory on it but knowing nintendo, that won’t happen anyway).”

    A reply to hollow with iamabigboss

  5. NoA aren’t completely incompetent after all & addressed the issue the same day they all sold out. *claps*

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    1. Lets put it this way, you think you know, but you don’t. the price of ebay should have told you how hot this is…you just keep going along, because you obviously think achievements is fun…and its not as I told you 2 to 3 years ago. By the way, did you say you were done with MMN? I’m still confused on why you are still here.

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  7. Why are people paying for this thing?
    I wouldn’t pay even half of the official price, much less scalper prices.
    IT’S A FUCKING NES EMULATOR WITH 30 GAMES, it’s not a new console, it’s not a high end device, it’s a thing that has less ram than a 1990’s phone!
    Stop paying outrageous prices people.

    1. Because some people aren’t that tech savvy,and don’t know about emulation.

      So they can’t steal all those wonderful free games online like we do!I mean borrow…

    2. 1. Some people don’t want to pirate games
      2. A lot cheaper than buying all those games on the Wii U/3DS VC
      3. Nostalgia

      1. Can either of you say false dichotomy?
        I never advocated for the use of emulators, I said this thing is basically an emulator limited to 30 games.
        There’s another option: Don’t play these games, period.
        It’s not like there’s a shortage of other games to play.
        If you keep paying outrageous prices, be it on VC or with this thing, you’re only telling Nintendo that they can get away with selling you 30 year-old games as if they were relevant.
        Learn to respect yourselves as consumers.

  8. Well I have the original still working so I really don’t need be honest I didn’t think it will be a fast sell out. So Nintendo now you know you can get lot of order for Christmas and it’s time to ramp up the production output.

      1. I don’t know.
        I ordered pretty late because at first did not wanted it.
        But it was at least 2 months before launch, so Nintendo pretty much failed to answer the demand.

      2. Don’t forget people preordered amiibo from Best Buy once & many never got theirs because they were canceled. :/ So petric not being able to get one makes perfect sense to me.

  9. Im just curious, if this will add on to the orginal sales from the NES
    If so, then I’ll be impressed
    Quite yes!
    Stay bless
    Dont let microsoft stress

    Church of Sosari’s uglyness
    What a mess.

  10. Well…I refuse to get caught up in this “Christmas Fad Item Get it While its Hot” foolishness.

    Hell! I know of a Retro gaming shop that specializes in ALL FORMS OF OLD SKOOL VIDEO GAMING from Japanese Import to America. I can get an original NES with controllers & a better library of games from him. Or pick up one of those RETRON 5’s that plays nes, snes, genesis, super famicom, & gameboy games.

  11. It has nothing to do with it being a hot item. It has to do with not having enough supply. Under 20 systems at stores for a launch. Two controllers? That’s just poor supply nothing else.

    1. Ok, so question, the thing has only two ports back then there was only 2 player games…and yet you say “2 controller? That’s just poor supply”, how is that poor? I don’t understand your logic. If it plays 2 player games and comes with 2 controllers, keep in mind these are golden days of the 80’s of the mini classic, I’m confused.

      Unless you are talking about the store shipments then and its sold out then yes its considered a hot item. If your talking about something else, please explain better. Because stores will have more supplies than they say. Just has to reach and order. Stores like to “test the waters” before jumping in…take mega man’s history for that fact.

      1. The system only comes with one controller. You have to buy the second controller separately but the store only received a shipment of two second controllers to sell. That’s just piss poor supply. If you argue agaisnt that you’re just a blind fan boy.

  12. Nintendo KNEW this was gonna be a hot seller. Why they didn’t have enough to accommodate at least half of the people that walked away empty handed is beyond me.

    This isn’t like the Wii shortages when that system hit in 2006- that was new tech at the time that took longer to put together correctly, so it had a legitimate reason to be understocked at first. Frustrating, but understandable. This one is just a glorified emulator of 30-year-old games that take literal seconds to copy the files to, and maybe a few extra seconds to set the scaling for the different resolutions like CRT mode. That has no good reason to have so few available upon launch.

  13. A hot item?

    Someone needs to call Nintendo out on their crap. This is an illusion when you give stores 5 copies of a system and when it sells out you say its a hot item. I guarantee if every store had 100 shipments of this yesterday the thing would still be on shelves this morning.

  14. Given the controllers are practically useless if you want to hook this up to a home entertainment system, and you’ll need you spend another $30-40 to get wireless controllers, I’m not buying this unless I find it on sale for $40…even then, IDK. I own most of those games and far far more. It doesn’t have:
    ‘S. C. A. T, Rampage, Starwars, Empire Strikes back, Metal Gear, Indiana Jones, and many more… Just the classic Nintendo games we have many versions of already.

    So yeah, Not worth $60-$100 to me. Not when I own the originals as well as have a much better game library. :)

    I hope whoever wants one finds one tho I suppose. If you’re dead set on blowing money, here is a site with cord extensions and wireless controllers:

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