SEGA Of Japan Is Doing A Survey On Which “SEGA Work” You Wish To See Revived

SEGA has been spending the year celebrating Sonic’s 25th anniversary, but they have also been looking towards getting as much fan feedback as possible. Their latest attempt to do so is a survey, where fans can let the company know what SEGA work they wish to see revived. You can take part in the survey here. Other questions include what SEGA franchise and character you love, along with your gender and age. The results of the survey will be announced during a 48-hour live stream called Segafesu. It is scheduled to occur on November 20th at 6:00am.




  1. -Sonic Adventure
    -NiGHTS into Dreams
    -Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
    -Alex Kidd

    We’re already getting Shenmue 3 (hopefully on the Switch, or at least rerelease the first two games on the Switch), and Phantasy Star Online 2 is relevant (aside from SoJ’s racism).

    I wonder if Tempo, Dynamite Headdy, and Snowboard Kids count.

  2. I think a Sonic Adventure game in the same way that was Sonic Adventure DX that included a Mission Mode. Also because you can choose which character to use and you can roam free which was something I miss when I play Sonic Adventure 2.

  3. I’ve noticed that everyone especially in YouTube comments wants a new Jet Set Radio Future game, plus it is that my favorite Sega game

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  5. Damn… Kinda hard to choose.
    Billy Hatcher
    Panzer Dragoon
    Shining Force
    Vector man
    Heck, even another All Stars racing game would be cool, or maybe a SEGA version of Smash Bros. would be nice, bring them all back.

  6. I haven’t done the survey yet but wonder boy has to he the number 1. Alex kidd has to be #2 and shinobi #3. As for sonic C’mon guys sonic is all Sega doing for the past 20 years. I think sonic should have 3 years rest so that sonic team get a more polish game. Golden axe should be interesting if they do a game like darksiders with golden axe that will be a great game.

  7. Valkyria Chronicles was such a good game. They did release sequels, but only for the PSP, and they really didn’t seem as good anyway. I wish they would go back and make a game more similar to the original one, preferably on the Switch or PC.

  8. If you want to vote for Streets of Rage, you must select the first answer at the first question then type ベア・ナックル which is Bare Knuckle in kanji.
    Blaze Fielding is already among the answers for the second question ( ブレイズ・フィールディング ).
    In the third question you can also answer ベア・ナックル which is Bare Knuckle in kanji.

  9. I would love to see a Free Roaming game of NiGHTS, to fly everywhere & take enjoyment of dreaming =)

  10. A Sonic game with Team of Two playstyle (Two players or one player & CPU teammate) along with team actions would be pretty cool

  11. Bring back the virtual series
    Virtual fighter
    Virtual tennis
    Virtual soccer
    Would be nice to see you all then Running in today’s graphics and with online play

  12. Alex kidd
    Altered beast
    Streets of rage
    Panzer dragoon
    Golden axe
    Hd remasters/new sequels/remakes

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