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Pokémon Sun & Moon Scores 88 On Metacritic

As Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon’s release date draws ever closer the reviews have started to pour in on online review aggregation site, Metacritic. The latest Pokémon adventure currently sits at 88 Metascore with a few publications claiming that it’s one of the best Pokémon games, ever. Pokemon Sun & Moon is due to be released on November 23rd in Europe and November 18th in North America.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is the ultimate Poké adventure. It manages to introduce a lot of new features that greatly enhance the gameplay experience, but retain enough of the original DNA to make sure it doesn’t feel totally alien to players who have been Pokémon trainers since 1996.

Digital Spy

After 20 years of slow but steady evolution, Pokemon gets a bit of a reinvention in Sun and Moon. An engrossing and rich new region makes the Alola journey — along with all the changes Sun and Moon make to the existing formula — enjoyable throughout the main adventure, and small interface and variety of upgrades along the way make a few of the things that stayed the same feel better than before.



            1. Welcome to the Pokemon articles. Since Pokemon GO released, some people have been extremely quick to defend the developers making the games & apps even when they do shitty things like not improving the 3D effect (GameFreak with Sun/Moon) or removing tracking & foot steps (Niantic with Pokemon GO.)

                1. We can like the games while dissing the developers. I love the Dead Space franchise but EA are giant assholes.

                  1. A lot of it has to do with the simplicity of most of the earlier game’s creature design’s for me. They all just fit and work in the ideal world ( as I see it, fictionally of course ha ) that I envision. To each their own. I’ll let it be. 🐙😹

              1. Please tell me just HOW Gamefreak was supposed to improve the 3D in Pokemon with Nintendo’s shitty hardware? I want 3D as much as any other 3D-lover, but if you seriously expected 3D after X and Y Versions, then I don’t know what you were smoking.

                1. Yeah. It was silly of me to expect GameFreak, the guys that have been stuck in the 90s for well over 15 years with SNES tech, to actually be able to improve on the 3D effect. Maybe when they’ve fully caught up with the rest of the video game world, they will be able to do something as simple as calibrating a 3D effect to work better.

                  1. I’d much rather they improve the 3D engine as opposed to trying to implement a parallex 3D effect, which is exactly what they have done. This isn’t a matter of being stuck in the nineties, this is a matter of being stuck on an aging handheld with innards weaker than that of a Nintendo Gamecube. As much as I sincerely wish the new Pokemon games could have used the parallex 3D screen, I’d take better graphics and performance over 3D effects any day.

                    1. Least the 3D effect would have cleared some of the issues with the current graphics which are pretty fuzzy & N64-y, improving the visual quality a slight bit. Yep. Like I said, they are still stuck in the 90s. They simply went from SNES sprites to N64 polygons.

                    2. How would the 3D effect would have cleared up any of that?? The Nintendo 3DS’ screen is sub-240p, and using any AA or higher resolution textures would KILL the framerate or some other sacrifice. Do you understand how limiting the 3DS is?
                      Also, no, the 3D in Sun and Moon is NOTHING like N64 level. There is a clear difference. Have you even played on N64? Do you own one? If so, you SHOULD know the difference.

                    3. I’ve played quite a number of games where having the 3D effect at max improved the quality of the games. And I didn’t say N64, I said N64-y since X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, & Moon’s graphics aren’t much better than the original Majora’s Mask & Conker’s Bad Fur Day graphics from the N64. Now I will say the quality is at least better. And framerate issues didn’t bother me with having my 3D slider at max when playing X/Y/OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire. In fact, I appreciated it at times because it gave me a chance to see the beauty of some attacks. Not to mention the most important fact of all: you can turn the damn thing off if you don’t like the side effects! But by all means. Defend the lack or removal of an OPTIONAL feature. It worked out so well for Pokemon GO when they removed the tracking without a proper replacement to take it’s place the same day they removed it.

                    4. Wow, what an excellent and concise term, I was supposed to glean from Nintendo 64-y that you also meant Gamecube level graphics! Because X and Y, and ORAS are what Gamecube games look clike! Clear textures, high polygon count, and lots being loaded at once. The Nintendo 64 has no chance of running a 3D game with the same visuals as X and Y, especially in the realm of textures. You can also look no further than character models. There is an IMMENSE difference between the two. I think you need to go back and play some Nintendo 64 games.
                      The 3D It’s far from being as simple as optional. If Gamefreak could include it, they would. The framerate from last-generation was low with 3D on, but guess what? The framerate in Sun and Moon is low even WITHOUT 3D during double battles, and camera features. Do you honestly think rendering the game twice in order to create a 3D effect is an intelligent move to make?
                      Believe me, the reason I bought a 3DS was to finally see a 3D pokemon world that I felt I could reach through the screen and touch. But, as it turns out, moving Pokemon to a full 3D engine with clear textures lots going on is not going to allow for the stereoscopic effect. I wish it could, but that’s the reality of it.
                      Also, as a matter of opinion, what was even impressive about the 3D attacks in XY-ORAS? There was little to no depth, and many of them were actually rendered with layers in the wrong order. It was jarring, and just not worth the drop in frames. If they brought the 3D to the same quality as a game like Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, or Smash Bros, then the attacks would have looked great in 3D, but to me… nah, they looked almost as flat as 2D.

                    5. All I’m hearing are excuses after excuses to apologize for GameFreak being behind every other dev that came out in the 90s simply because they make your precious Pokemon. You can like Pokemon all you want but don’t make excuses for GameFreak pulling amateur moves like removing OPTIONAL features instead of improving them or just leaving them as is. But no. I guess it’s okay to remove a feature some people liked because some hated it and some didn’t use it at all. It just sounds like excuses similar to people defending the recent Paper Mario games getting rid of the stuff some loved from the first two entries.

                      But whatever. It’s your opinion. I can’t change it anymore than you will be able to change mine.

                    6. It would help if you knew more about game development. I happen to be taking college classes on 3D modelling, animation, and game design. I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, so I have quite a bit of knoweledge on what is actually possible.
                      I am not making excuses, I am explaining to why things are the way they are. You’re only calling them excuses because you don’t like what I’m saying to you. You, yourself aren’t even making an argument. You’re simply telling me that the 3D feature is as simple as something “optional” to add in, and that you think the latest Pokemon games can run on a Nintendo 64 or slightly above a N64 when neither are the case.
                      Yes, the Pokemom series is precious to me, but don’t attempt to insist that I am some kind of Gamefreak fanboy. I was very dissapointed with their Black and White games, as well as there X and Y games, and even Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to some extent. I chastised them originally for their bland storytelling and bland region design as well as the implimentation of that stupid exp share and their never-ending quest to make their games easier and easier for an audience who doesn’t even want that. I could go on and on with this.
                      Truth is, I was like you when it came to the lack of 3D back with X and Y. I wanted to see the entire region’s depth! Not just a stupid low-depth effect in tiny caves and battles. I was actually pissed off quite a bit! But as the years went by, I learned more about the Nintendo 3DS hardware, and eventually ended up in college and learned all about poly-count, texture quality, lighting, shading, etc, and the balancing act required to get a game up and running with an acceptable framerate on any kind of hardware. Great sacrifices must be made on the 3DS which, when it released, was using mobile technology that was already outdated by about five years.
                      I’m not trying to convince you to be happy with the lack of 3D. I’n still dissapointed, too. We will likely never see a stereoscopic 3D Pokemon game. At least, not anytike soon. For me, I’ve learned to accept that. Had Nintendo been more intelligent and designed a more competent handheld from the get-go, we would surely be seeing the stereoscopic feature on all of Gamefreak’s main-series Pokemon titles.

                    7. I won’t back down on my belief that GameFreak are still one of the least tech savvy developers today since there were way more graphically demanding games on 3DS that didn’t have as many issues with the 3D effect on like Resident Evil Revelations. They are just overglorified amateurish developers that apparently seem to still be new to today’s tech. And after hearing the regular 3DS can barely handle Sun & Moon, it further strengthens my belief that GameFreak are still amateurs. *shrug* Meh. It doesn’t really matter now. I just won’t be getting the game til January when I can get my Umbreon & Espeon on Sun & Moon through PokeBank. I got them below level 10 so it’d be nice to level them up during my travels through Sun & Moon.

                    8. Alright, whatever you say. Keep in mind that Sun and Moon are ENTIRELY different games with different engines built for very different things.
                      Also, hopefully you enjoy Sun and Moon. From what I have played, it is one of the best Pokemon games in a LONG time.

              1. Did I say anything about score? Individual scores from random whoever reviewers and not being up to par with what the franchise used to be are far from the same. I want a reboot, not a high score.

              2. Unless his opinion is something like “all gays are evil” or “all blacks are inferior to whites”, his opinion isn’t wrong. It’s a product that has no life or feelings to hurt. No opinion is wrong when judging an inanimate, soulless object.

              3. So even if he did say the games suck because he doesn’t like the designs of the Pokemon because those designs suck & that it deserves a 0/10, that’s his opinion. As much as I hate the rating for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire on IGN, that 7.8/10 because of too much water was also an opinion no matter how much any of us hate it.

    1. >Creative.
      > Yet Grimer, a pile of sludge, and Muk, a bigger pile of sludge.

      -and that’s just merely one example of Pokemon who don’t look creative from the first generation.

      Don’t kid yourself, man. Pokemon has always been creative, there’s relatively few designs these days that don’t look such.

      1. Grimer and Muk are absolute genius. None of the original 151 are rehashed or out of place in my opinion.

        So yes, creative. I’m finding less of it these days in the series. There’s continue something for the good of the project, then there’s simply milking for everything they can get. I feel we’re past the lesser points.

        Really it doesn’t matter, I’ll just skip the entry altogether and hope for a remake of blue or red version.

        1. Not to mention it was the late 90s. Not many people were thinking of turning something like sludge into living, breathing animals back then.

  1. I’m super stoked to get a real copy! I’ve been playing since last week and i’ve been absolutely glued to it! By far one of my favorite pokemon games since Platinum.

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