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Tekken Producer Asked About Tekken 7 For Nintendo Switch

GameSpot recently had the opportunity to interview Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada about all things Tekken related as well as quiz him about the ever-growing eSports industry. Eventually the interview turned to Nintendo’s recently unveiled Switch platform. Harada gave a rather cryptic answer when asked whether he would be unveiling a version of Tekken 7 for the system. You can see what he said, below.

GS: So, no Nintendo Switch version to reveal?

KH: We’re quite surprised by the Nintendo Switch announcement; read into that what you like.



  1. What? Now this is ridiculous. The producer is surprised by it? Just like us? Nintendo should be ensuring these kind of guys have been working on a game at the very LEAST 6 months- a year before it’s announced. If even the guys that are supposed to be making games for it know just as much as we do about it, then this is not a good sign at all.

    1. He could be under NDA to where he can’t announce anything until January. Don’t you think if Tekken 7 wasn’t coming to the NS that he would’ve said something like ” we currently don’t have any plans to release it for the Switch ” or ” at this time it’s only planned for the platforms we confirmed previously “? Since the Switch will have native Unreal Engine 4 support it can certainly run Tekken 7 and it will cost Namco Bandai nothing to use since it’s free so there’s literally no excuse as to why it won’t or can’t come to that platform. I’m not in any way ensuring that Tekken 7 will definitely come to the Switch but early rumors have indicated that Namco Bandai is gonna be a huge supporter of the platform

  2. Well…they put Tekken Tag 2 on the Wii U. Which was the best version between PS3 & the Xbox 360.

    Namco is quiet now but I can see them putting Tekken 7 on the SWITCH. Especially if Nintendo is serious about doing ESporst tournaments.

  3. I hope there will be a Switch Version. Tekken is my all time favourite Fighting Series, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was literally the only 3rd Party Game I even own on Wii U. If not then I will just get it on PS4 when me and my brother have gone 50/50 on one.

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