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GameStop: Pokémon Sun & Moon Most Pre-ordered Games In Past 5 Years

We all thought Pokémon Sun & Moon would do extremely well as interest in Pokémon is at an all-time high thanks to the smash hit Augmented Reality title Pokémon GO, however no-one could have predicted that Pokémon Sun & Moon would be GameStop’s most pre-ordered video games in the past five years. Here’s all the details from the earnings call.

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon are the best-performing games for GameStop all year; preorders for the game were the highest for any game at GameStop in five years.
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare underperformed, though specifics were not shared
  • PS4 Pro is off to a “strong” start, while PSVR units are selling well, as they only stay on shelves for an average of 10 days.
  • 27 percent of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards members who are aware of the Nintendo Switch plan to buy the console. This pre-launch purchase intent metric is in line with that of the Xbox One at a similar point in time. The figure could go higher after Nintendo’s Switch news event in January.


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the tip!


  1. Switch interest is in line with Xbox One at a similar point in time? Yikes. I remember Xbox committing PR suicide back before it launch.

  2. Why is Pokemon still so appealing to people? I only played Diamond. Loved it, then quickly got tired of Pokemon afterwards. I attempted to play Emerald, HeartGold and White Version 1, but just couldn’t get into them. It felt like the same old thing all over. Yet other people are buying and playing every game in the series. Adding new types of Pokemon is NOT enough to make these games feel fresh. I actually envy the people who are more easily amused, and can actually still have fun with these games.

    1. Actually, this game is fixes your exact complaints. It features a completely new story formula. Gyms don’t exist, and there’s a crazy-ass plot that puts generation five to shave. HMs are completely removed. Character customization is a thing. Mega evolutions and Z-moves are a thing. Stronger, uncatachable pokemon act as boss battles. They actually threw the old formula out the winder

      1. HMs are no more!? Holy shit! Wait. Is character customization way better than what it was in X & Y? It was always a shame that you could only choose 3 basic designs for the two genders & could never change the skin color, nose design, etc. I don’t expect something like varying boob sizes since Pokemon has always been an E for Everyone series but I do expect other forms of customization.

  3. Honestly, I don’t even give Pokemon Go all the credit. Pokemon X is older than Xbox and PS4. People wanted a new story, and to me, this is the greatest leap I’ve seen. I mean Pokemon X is a big game with many cool things, but this new Sun/Moon seems to have many new cool things we haven’t seen.

  4. I have never had so much fun playing a Pokemon game before. I loved that they get rid of the gyms and put the trials, that’s cool. And I love to customise my char. The only thing Id want is the possibility of having an older character, it feels strange to destroy an evil group with a ten year child :p

  5. First we found out Zelda’s newest game, Breath of the Wild, is evolving the formula & breaking away from certain traditions of the franchise and now the newest main Pokemon games are doing roughly the same thing! Sweet! These are good changes, though. This tells me the next main Mario game is going to be something vastly different from Super Mario 64, Sunshine, & Galaxy 1 and 2 as Miyamoto promised it would awhile back. I sure do hope the next main Metroid game does the same that will help us forget all about the tragedy that was FedshitForce.

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