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The Binding of Isaac Developer Teases Potential Switch Release

The Binding of Isaac developer Tyrone Rodriguez has recently posted on the company’s blog talking about the series’ latest iteration The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+.

In the blog post, Rodriguez talks about the new items and modding features that will be available in the upcoming release, and also dropped a potential hint about the title coming to the Nintendo Switch. He wrote that Afterbirth+ will be coming to the “PlayStation 4, Xbox One and one more console.” and also added, “Sorry no PS Vita or Wii U versions. Date? Spring 2017”.

With the emphasis on the fact that it was stated that the title will also be coming to “one more console” whilst ruling out the Wii U and PS Vita, it leads us to believe that the title may well be coming to the Nintendo Switch next year. The release date of Afterbirth+ would also be around the same time that the Switch is expected to be released.

Hopefully more details will follow in the near future to confirm if this is the case, but for now we can keep our fingers crossed.

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13 thoughts on “The Binding of Isaac Developer Teases Potential Switch Release”

  1. Could be PS4 pro…. Could be Switch… But the fact that hardly anyone has commented on this technically means no one gives a shit about Isaac or Meat boy anymore

    1. Developers don’t consider only developing for PS4 Pro. If they develop for PS4 they can choose on supporting the game on the PS4 Pro or not. It’s about support and not development. When they say what platforms they are developing for they don’t separate PS4 and PS4 Pro. Of course it’s the Switch!

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if developers finished production of Switch games so much earlier than the Switch released that they went ahead and put the games out for it before the Switch console was actually released?

  3. I’m not sure where the giant torrent of hatred toward this game suddenly came from. It’s a great game in my opinion because of how it blends the basic gameplay of Zelda 1 with a roguelike style and addictiveness.

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