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Capcom Details Monster Hunter Generations December Free DLC Pack

Capcom has been very generous to players with the Monster Hunter franchise and this month’s free goodies are no exception. If you access the in-game DLC menu then you will be granted to free Blanka and Chun-Li Felyne armor sets and special gear designed by the legendary Tetsuya Nomura, from Square-Enix. You can check it all out on the Capcom Unity blog, right here.


9 thoughts on “Capcom Details Monster Hunter Generations December Free DLC Pack”

    1. Hi there ^_^ Dlc is game specific since you need to use the game yo acccess it. Lot if the dlc quests in generations feature locations and monsters not in 4 Ultinate. But 4’s dlc should still be there.

      And no 4’s dlc is not there for generations.

    2. I’m sorry, but I’m loosing patients. If I see another Monster hunter update instead of an update on one of Capcoms other IPs, I might stop defending Capcom.

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