US: Toys R Us Say They Will Have NES Mini Stock This Weekend

One of the most highly sought after products this Christmas is the NES mini console. Unfortunately it is very hard to find retailers with stock, but Toys R Us has told CNBC that they expect to have stock this weekend. You will want to head over to your local Toys R Us early on Sunday morning if you want to get a unit and they seem to be selling one per-person. At least you will be able to get it for the recommended retail price.

“On Sunday, we’re launching our Great Big Christmas Sale (Dec. 4 thru 10) and the catalog, which is arriving in homes in the coming days, features Hatchimals and NES,” a spokeswoman with Toys R Us told CNBC. “Our stores are receiving shipments of both holiday must-haves to support and we expect that when stores open at 8 a.m., they will sell very quickly.”



  1. Went to ToyRus to confirm the stock today. The sale rep told me to come at 5:00am and get the line started. He wouldn’t tell me the number of unit.

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