Pokémon Sun & Moon Have Sold Over 425,000 Copies In First Week In France

The latest iterations in the Pokémon game series, Pokémon Sun & Moon, have been doing extremely well on the sales front since launch. They have become the fastest-selling games in Nintendo history in the Americas, and the company confirmed recently that the games have had a bigger launch than any other Nintendo game in Europe too.

The latest figures from France show that the game shifted over 425,000 copies in its first week of release, which is a new record. In comparison, past releases Pokémon X & Y sold 125,000 copies, and Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire sold a total of 180,000 copies in their first week of release.

It seems that Pokémon Sun & Moon have been a big hit, and they are likely to continue to do well in the lead up to Christmas.

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  2. I think that’s really cool. I’m a little surprised that the one based on France didn’t sell better in France.

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