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THQ Nordic Acquires A Handful Of New IPs

THQ Nordic has already confirmed they are developing games for the Nintendo Switch, but we still don’t know what these games will be. However, this list of their recent acquisitions might give us an idea. According to their CEO, these games will “very well suited for the Nintendo audience”. The full list of IPs can be seen in their press release, but a handful are listed below. Have you ever heard of this franchises? Tell us below.

  • Sphinx (and the Cursed Mummy); Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd.
  • War Leaders: Clash of Nations (Enigma Software Productions S.L.)
  • Legends of War (Enigma Software Productions S.L.)



13 thoughts on “THQ Nordic Acquires A Handful Of New IPs”

    1. Yeah. I enjoyed what little I played of it on a neighbor’s Xbox years back. Never finished it, though. Maybe they’ll make an HD remaster of the original later on.

  1. Nintendo fan since the 90's

    There not mobile games which I thought they was, infact sphinx was released on ps2, xbox, and the gamecube.

    Legends of war was released on ps3 and xbox 360 which looks cool not bad hope they do put them on switch after remastering a few cough sphinx or release it for under £5 they could easily makeep sphinx into a good franchise and it does look like something that will do well on nintendo systems

  2. I’ve heard of Sphinx, I heard it was pretty good. Would be interested to see a sequel or remaster come to switch.

  3. Sphinx is like a good TLOZ “clone” using that base to bring some new subject to the genre with a few twist in gameplay; no one that i remember in those times(years ago) explore the concept. Some people called Sphinx as a hidden gem for Gamecube, well, i have to AGREE!

    I’ve only played like a few hours, and it’s really good game, so a sequel for Switch? Please THQ!..
    Imagine JoeMad in the art department of a new sequel. ^_^ crazy stuff.

  4. Sphinx was a fantastic game. Think Ocarina of Time mixed with platforming puzzle with a Egyptian theme. It was left on a little bit of a cliffhanger, so a reboot and sequel would be awesome.

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