Video: Here’s An Official Look At Empoleon In Pokkén Tournament

We’ve finally received some official footage of the majestic Empoleon who will be appearing in the fast and furious Pokkén Tournament arcade.

You will be able to play as the new character in Japanese arcades later this month and he does indeed look grand.


  1. I love it how there are now debatably more Gen 4 Pokemon than Gen 1 Pokemon. It’s a totally justified spread of Pokemon and not at all an over-glorification of a Generation that’s no more special than any of the Generations that came before or after it.

    1. I’m really sick of the first generation being pushed down our throats, all Alolan forms are Gen 1 pokemon and before ORAS Gen 1 had the vast majority of Mega Evolutions (And even after ORAS it was onlye second to Gen 3).

    2. People taking this comment as a “gen 1 was the best” comment.

      Generation 1 having the most representation in Pokken simply makes sense given that it’s the OG. However Gen 4 is just another Gen. The spread of Pokemon per generation is currently as follows…
      1: 5 (+2)
      2: 2
      3: 3
      4: 6
      5: 1
      6: 1

      It’s a really nonsensical spread. There’s really no justifying Gen 4 getting such preferential treatment, regardless of how you feel about that generation.

  2. Yes! Awesome, empoleon is cool. Would be nice to see Alola pokes in the future too. Imagine Turtonator, lurantis or even toucannon (very unexpected because it’s a bird, but imagine the possibility)
    But give me a Luxray or Raichu and my life will be complete. :0

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