Viewership Of The Game Awards Up By 65% From 2015

The annual Game Awards held on 1st December in Los Angeles, has seen a large increase in viewership in comparison to 2015, with figures rising by 65%.

According to show organisers, a contributing factor to this was the new deal with Tencent to stream the show live in China. This new deal accounted for nearly a million of the new viewers according to reports.

“It was encouraging to see audience growth both domestically and abroad for The Game Awards 2016,” show creator Geoff Keighley told the online publication Polygon. “Our goal is to bring this show to as many gamers as possible, and this unique distribution approach continues to pay dividends. The interest and response to the show in China was especially exciting to see.”

Alongside this, the hashtag #TheGameAwards became the number one worldwide trend on Twitter, attracting users to join in on conversations as the events unfolded. The Game Awards also took on Snapchat, adding a Snapchat story that attracted 5 million viewers on the app alone. Also not forgetting that the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Awards trailer surpassed 1,000,000 views.

If you missed the event, you can catch up on YouTube here.




        1. Out of the 3 groups that played, I enjoyed them the most, that’s why I was wondering who he was referring to

  1. Whenever they stop giving Game of the Year Awards to games that have performance issues these Awards will be a little more relevant if any at all

  2. This trend of putting mobile & handheld games into one category needs to fucking die in a ditch. Great full fledged games are getting railroaded by mobile mini-games on phones & tablets because of this bullshit.

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