Video: The Sacred Hero Teaser Trailer For Nintendo Switch

One game that has been announced today for the Nintendo Switch is an indie game by UK developers SiMPLiSTiC. They’ve released a teaser for their upcoming project which is titled The Sacred Hero which is labeled as a unique adventure game that twists the conventions of the RPG genre. It’s due to be released on both the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2018.


    1. This was probably something they made up really quickly just to announce the project. The game comes out in 2018 so they’re probably still in the beginning stages of development.

      1. Yeah, honestly. This barely even passes as a teaser. Like… what exactly is it teasing? We see grass and a sword, and the grass doesn’t even look that great. How exactly should that get us excited for anything? A classical case of announcing something too early.

      1. Yeah framerate! You know the thing that makes a perfectly playable game comepletely unplayable. I don’t care how good a game is if the framrate is so bad that it greatly hinders the gameplay. Graphics are one thing, they affect how a game looks, framrate GREATLY effects how a game plays. Its not something to just write off. If i were those devs i would have just waited till they could have released a better running trailer. No reason to make yourself look bad right from the first trailer.

        1. I see it all the time on video game trailers. People complain about framerates. Remember, most videos are converted to 25fps or 30 fps when they get uploaded.

    1. I thought it looked familiar… Right when I read the title, I knew that this was going to be some kind of generic Zelda game

      1. Okay … real talk here …

        I know you are having fun roleplaying this username, but pretending you actually represent Nintendo in any way is not cool.

        Stop It.

        1. ||Real talk? Pretending? Role-Playing?…||

          ||Take it as you want, it makes no difference…||

        2. Since your comprehension of the situation is less than desired for any of us here, I will do you the favor and break it down to you.

          Neither me or The Commander have ever posed as being High Command themselves.
          The First Order realizes Nintendo’s decisions and recognize their strategies, so in even simpler terms:

          When The Commander says “||We gave them permission to use a similar design…||”, that means that we realize Nintendo’s decision and we are conveying it the masses and to you, the simpler minds, who evidently cannot easily distinguish simple matters.

          1. Neither of you are part of “We” in relation to Nintendo, and the very use of that word in that context is arrogantly delusional.

            “We Realize”? … You can not make assumptions about what you THINK Nintendos plans, intentions or motivations are and then present them as if those assumptions represent fact.

            Seriously … the both of you are seriously getting on my nerves.

            It is mildly charming to respond to every question ‘in-character’ as if you are a Nintendo Loving Robot/Computer AI … but there is a threshhold where it stops being okay, and both of you are crossing it.

            It is as if you are actually starting to believe your game is real.

            Both of you seriously need to dial it back a few notches, or stop entirely.

            Roleplay exchanges of opinions and perspectives turn ugly FAST when the players forget how to separate their opinions from FACT. I’ve watched entire online communities self-destruct over this sort of thing before.

            … just … stop …please …

            1. ||Or perhaps you should leave these matters that are way beyond your narrow understanding to higher entities such as myself…||

              ||And your nerves serve no relevant purpose in any way other than your self-inflicted pointless emotions…||

            2. Your barking up the wrong tree. No one cares about what this dude says you are just giving the satisfaction and making them feel like someone does. Let it go, this is where dorks with nothing else to do hang out and ‘speculate,’ with their 14 year old minds.

          1. Not stop playing “grand level 4 super dumbass droid” … just stop using terms like “we” or any other phrasing of their personal, unsupported, speculative assumption or opinion that suggests they in any way represent Nintendo or their affiliates.

            … abd Holy Shit with this ‘Beyond your Understanding’ stuff. I just thought they were obnoxious before. Now they are actively being complete a$$holes.

            Pretending to hold imaginary authority over a topic, but carrying as if they expect to be treated as if their delusion is real, turns bad … fast.

            I’m just trying to warn these dipshits that their game will turn against them in a hurry if they continue crossing these common-sense lines.

            Talk like a robot … whatever … but don’t act like what you assume or makes sense to you speaks for others whom have no connection to you at all.

    2. It’s a generic sword design. Nintendo does NOT have exclusive rights to such a design. If other games want to use such a simplistic design, they are allowed to do so & there is nothing Nintendo can do about it.

  1. i love how the internet its self slays nintendo haters OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN yet they never learn

    like putting there hands in the fire it burns they still again put there hand in the fire again and again

    the only framerate fuckwod i see is the ps4 pro

    1. Lol it was probably getting so much negative feedback that they had to take it down. Trust me, you weren’t missing much.

      It was nondescript footage of a sword-in-stone that looked suspiciously like the Master Sword, some generic looking trees and foliage, horrendously low frame rates, and a wall of text with names that are purportedly super-talented (the word “talent” was used multiple times.)

      1. That sword in the trailer looks NOTHING like the Master Sword. It’s just a generic sword design, nothing more. As for a sword in the stone, the Arthurian Legends did it first. So anyone acting like Nintendo has some ownership over a generic sword or a sword in a stone is a complete & total idiot. I hope the people bitching about it looking like the Master Sword or being a sword in the stone were the minority. But if they took it down, it was probably a majority of idiots flaming it. :/

  2. my boyfriend Laura Kate Dale was the first one to talk about this game coming to the impressive Nintendo switch…i can wait to give Laura a smooch, but i am afraid doctre might get jealous :-/

    1. Whatever you say Lulzy but remember now you are the one who dedicates all of your time to other men hence why you want me to come to Skype you nasty cocksucking bastard with your Snagglepuss talking ass lol

  3. They’ve left an explanatory comment on their video/the one over at Music Proposition. I think using the sword was a mistake, but I don’t blame them too much for that.

    Hyped for this! I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.

  4. I’m going to push aside that absolute ass framerate because the game comes out in 2018 (chances are they just got down to developing this game and this was put together even before the basis of the game was created).

    But other than that… eh… for a teaser it doesn’t at all… well… tease…

  5. I think the most interesting thing is that this game is coming out for the switch and the pc, but not the Xbox or PS. I can’t remember the last time I saw a game that was a Nintendo and pc game only. It leads me to assume, with the smallest grain of salt, that the switch really will be easy for programmers to make games on. Does this mean anything for the future? Only time will tell.

  6. The switch is going to catch up with the ps4 within half a year of release date in console sales:D
    I just need to hear Capcom announce MHXX for switch so I can throw money at them, I really want MH to return to the large screen.

  7. It could be interesting it could suck I don’t understand how they thought a generic fantasy-adventure trailor would suck ANYBODY in when we all know we are going to have FFXV and Zelda BOTW….

  8. Wait. Were there people actually bitching about the sword in the stone!? *facepalm* Newsflash, fucktards! Nintendo doesn’t own the sword in a stone gimmick! Arthurian Legends did it before Nintendo, which was founded in 1889, was even a damn thought! I could make a game right now, put a sword in a stone, & there is nothing Nintendo or anyone else for that matter could do about it. Now if the trailer I saw is not the original & the original had the generic sword look more like the Master Sword, then my bad. Otherwise, what a bunch of idiots.

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