NES Classic Edition Accessories Will Also Be In Limited Quantities At Best Buy

Best Buy is planning to sell a limited amount of the NES Classic Edition this Tuesday, December 20, at over one thousand Big Box stores across the U.S. The company has also confirmed that the highly sought-after console won’t be available for purchase via its website on the same day, and accessories like additional controllers will be sold in limited quantities as well. Akin to how things were done on Black Friday, Best Buy stores will have a ticketing process for customers waiting in line to get one on a first-come, first-served basis.



  1. You casuals are idiots! And yes I consider all diehard Nintendo fans “casuals” because the general gaming community including myself do not consider you hardcore gamers..

    Party games, cartoon Zelda and Splatoon lol bitch please!

    Anyways, you guys are morons for buying this rehash over and over again.
    The Kyoto whore has squeezed your raisins dry and yet you still take her home to mama.

    1. It’s kind of the opposite. And anyone who has to call himself a “harcore gamer” in order to alienate a group of people or set themselves apart isn’t really a hardcore gamer. Their are plenty of Nintendo diehards who play on all consoles or play all types of games. That immediately makes them more hardcore than you seeing as how they aren’t nearly as dogmatic and superficial as you are because they’ve expanded their scope beyond “this is kiddy!1111!!!” and “This is seaux mature and violent!!111!!.” You can dislike Nintendo for whatever shallow reason you have, but somebody playing their games doesn’t make them any less of a gamer than you. In a lot of cases it makes them more considering what a cult Nintendo has created.

  2. General gaming community is nothing but casual gamers today. All they play is whatever is marketed popular with big budget. They play CoD, NHL and FIFA because that’s what everyone else does – yeah, the diehard Nintendo-fanbase is just like the general gaming community.

    People buying NES Minis are a whole different matter. It’s quite a bargain, it has 12 games I do not own, of which 4 I’ve never played. And all of the games are 60Hz versions, which is good. Considering how much the games cost in Virtual Console or used market, and it comes with a controller, the value is tremendous.

  3. Went to the Richfield MN Best Buy store because it is adjacent to their corporate offices and they usually get more stock on rare items. They got 48 units, and anyone who got there by 6:45 AM got one. No extra controllers, despite claim “Accessories like extra controllers will also be in limited quantities, too.” On Sunday 12/11 the Nicollet Mall Target store in downtown Minneapolis had 90 units in stock, presumably because Target has corporate offices downtown. When the store opened there were fewer than 90 people in line. Remarkably some people were allowed to purchase more than one because they got back in line.

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