The Next Pokémon GO Update Has Been Announced And It’s Rolling Out Shortly

Niantic has confirmed that the next update to the popular smartphone title Pokémon GO is currently being rolled out over the next few days. The latest update will stop your phone from vibrating when playing the game, when it’s not actually supposed to. These incorrect vibrations are being sent out and make Pokémon trainers believe that Pokémon are nearby when they’re not. The day and night cycle is set to be more accurate too and you will also get some minor text fixes. It’s a small update, but a welcome one.



    1. What aren’t they listening to? The second gen comes early next year. The tracker is now out in almost all areas. The server issues are gone. The Wi-Fi to mobile date issues are gone. They seem to be and have been listening.

  1. Even if they update it with something huge, I won’t be playing again until the Spring and will likely forget about it by then. Good on people who live in warmer climates I guess.

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