The Nintendo 3DS Seems To Be In Short Supply This Christmas In North America

If you’re hoping to buy a Nintendo 3DS this Christmas for a loved one in North America then you may have a hard time getting hold of one. The device appears to be sold out at the majority of retailers. Toms Hardware reports that Amazon doesn’t have any to sell directly, Best Buy has one model in stock, GameStop and Target are completely out of stock and Wal-Mart is only promising delivery after Christmas. This means that you may have to consider giving them a cheaper Nintendo 2DS system, unless you’re prepared to pay inflated prices on the Nintendo 3DS.



  1. I’ve noticed this at local stores. I’m sure they just set their demand modestly and shipped out their last batch out for Black Friday.

    Or maybe they could be trying to create some demand for the Switch.

      1. I assume – just assuming here – that it is 3DS’s across the board. I know I can’t find any in stores right now – new or old.

  2. Maybe three weeks ago I decided to finally pull the trigger on a 3DS and it was next to impossible to find one in stock anywhere. I thought it was a little unusual. After going to three Targets(and no luck online and via Target, Best Buy, Walmart) I finally found one. I had to ask the guy at the counter if he had any in the back and fortunately he found one. I honestly didn’t expect it to be that hard of a find.

  3. When you posted this, I went to Walmart with my family for Christmas presents, and so I wanted to go to the Electronics section, and there was absolutely no Nintendo 3DS’s left. There weren’t any Nintendo 2DS systems even. And there I was thinking “No even buys a 2DS in my area”. Weird how a Nintendo 3DS is such a popular choice this Christmas cause of all the games available.

  4. }{ This is probably due to an unexpected influx of new customers… Probably in relation to Pokemon SuMo… With a console this old, they wouldn’t be properly outfitted to handle a large wave of new customers, since they would be stocking expecting most people who were going to buy one at this point in the console’s life cycle to have already bought one… }{

  5. I would possibly consider the idea that it was a deliberate action they (Nintendo) took forcing the consumer to buy into the lower 2DS models. Why not? It’d make sense, if so.

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