Nintendo Has Released A New Image Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Concept Art

Nintendo has been staying true to their word, and have been releasing new Zelda: Breath Of The Wild screenshots every now and then. Today saw the release of another one, which we’ve included down below. It is concept art, but it is still cool nevertheless. We’ll let you know whenever Nintendo releases some more.




  1. I’d love to see a crossover Zelda game. I mean, a Zelda game just like this, but where Toon Link meets regulr Link. And you can go on a journey together to save eack Link’s world from destruction. I guess I’m still hoping to see Toon Link return in a brand new Zelda game (on the Switch). It sucks that the sequels to Wind Waker were both on the DS.

    1. So, essentially, Zelda Generations.

      “Child meets adult in this incredible meet-up of Zelda timelines! Play through classic top-down Zelda gameplay with Toon Link, or modern 3D exploration as Adult Link, battling enemies and solving puzzles along the way! Traverse iconic Zelda locations such as Death Mountain, The Dark World, Skyloft, Kakariko Village, and more! Engage in combat with some of Link’s greatest foes, including Twinrova, The Imprisoned, Zant, Vaati, Bellum, and many more! Work together to discover why the timelines have merged and fight to set things right!”

      If it goes something like that, I think it might have my attention.

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  3. Basic & generic medieval fantasy design but it still looks cool!

    I’m okay with these pictures as long as they stick with concept art since concept art isn’t always indicative of what’s in the final product.

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