UK Store: New Nintendo 3DS With Game and Cover Plate For £149.99

It may be too late to get this for Christmas, but if you’re looking for a New Nintendo 3DS then the Nintendo UK Store has a fantastic offer available. You can get a New Nintendo 3DS console with a pre-installed game and Cover Plate for only £149.99. There’s a variety of games and consoles on offer so head on over here to claim yours.


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  2. Why the hell isnt this available in a us store. I don’t want a damn bundle and I refuse to pay a scalper. Just release the system, clearly there is a market. Imagine how many new people would buy the system at ~100 usd

    1. i definitely would. i have a 3ds xl but my gf keeps using mine so im trying to buy her one so she could leave mine alone lol
      forget about the bundles out now. its like 300 for a super mario 3ds land bundle. damn scalpers!

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