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Watch The Final Episode Of Pokémon Generations

It’s been fun while it lasted, but Pokémon Generations has finally come to an end. Announced back in September, the animated series was released to coincide with the franchise’s twentieth anniversary. However, after weeks of episodes releasing on YouTube, we’ve finally come to the end of our journey around the world of Pokémon. We’ve seen some of the best scenes from throughout the series, but this last episode shows us the final moments of Pokémon X and Y. Check it out below.


    1. I know right?

      The only Alola anime we have right now is Ash’s dense poorly-drawn shenanigans in PokeSchool and Lillie being piss scared of every Pokemon (and nothing else about her), plus derp face imagery.

  1. This series was very well done; It’s a shame that it has already come to an end. Hopefully the positive feedback and popularity that it received will encourage them to do something like this again.

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  3. This whole thing was nothing but wasted potential.

    “Untold stories” my ass, it suffered from many of the same flaws as Origins, but even worse.

  4. And thus it comes to an end. So it’s back to only having the shitty Ash’s Adventures anime. Anyway, a shame they never gave away A’s Floette over Mystery Gift.

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