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Here’s What’s Happening During The Pokémon GO Christmas Event

Christmas Day will soon be upon us and many people will be glued to their new phones and taking a walk playing Pokémon GO after a hearty Christmas lunch. There’s a special Christmas event going on that will give you extra opportunities to catch and hatch Pokémon during the holiday season. Check out the Facebook post below for all the juicy details.


  1. Do they actually think people will be taking walks in the freezing cold winter weather? Can we just assume Niantic is completely brain dead at this point?

    1. I live by the coast SW England and I will be taking a walk in the beach Christmas day with the kids.

      New years day masses of people gather together at my local beach to all run into the sea and then have a BBQ afterwards :D

      Cold? yes. Reason not to have fun? no.

    2. Are you somehow forgetting that literally half of the world is in the middle of summer right now

      Ignorance is bliss, I suppose

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