Video: Did You Know Gaming? Has Covered A Cancelled Open World Video Game Featuring The Flash

A new video from Did You Know Gaming? was released on their YouTube channel today. Its video description explains everything, saying that “this video details the development of an open world Flash video game. The project was developed by Bottlerocket Entertainment, who was mostly composed of ex-staff members from Sony San Diego. The project also had involvement from Warner Brothers, who had the license for DC Comics’ franchise and character of Wally West. Through Liam’s analysis, it’s easy to see the title’s gameplay was ambitious even in its prototype stage. In its earliest stages, the developers even considered having cameos from other super heroes such as Batman and Superman. The target platforms for Battlerocket’s game were the Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the Nintendo Wii”. As for the video itself, we’ve included it for you down below.



  1. }{ It’s a shame how many of their videos depict a developer having to get shut down because they were screwed over by a publisher/rights owner… It makes one wonder how many untold stories there are out there of this happening… }{

    1. I don’t see the flash being great at all, but I one percent agree with you. IDR where I saw it in YouTube, but if you look for it, they had an open world Dare Devil they they were trying to push out and got cancelled

  2. The Game Looks GREAT!!!! Why can’t another Publisher pick it up for a Release? Duke Nukem had Similar Problems Also!
    Plus the Devs could be Polishing up the Game Some More…….Somebody HELP!!!!!!

  3. Why is the article picture of Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen Flash when the video game was gonna be about Wally West Flash?

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