First 4 Figures Show Off A New Meta Ridley Figure

First 4 Figures is renowned for creating high quality but pricey figures and their latest design is no exception. The team have created a new Meta Ridley figure. It’s not apparent when the figure will be released by the designers but they have showcased an impressive prototype to whet your appetite. Pricing has yet to be announced too, but as soon as we hear more we shall let you know.



Thanks Adrian C for the tip!


  1. Screw it. This Christmas trumps the lot for me.

    Its time for Sakurai to come clean and admit he was wrong about Ridley by making him playable. Yes two Ridley figures in one year :D

    This one and an amiibo for Smash Bros.

      1. With the rumor Super Smash Bros 4 Switch is getting new characters, get ready to see the revival of Ridley requests! And if he isn’t in that game, we’ll start back up when they reveal they are working on SSB5! We’re going no where! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Cool looking figure!

    You know what would be cooler? A new game with meta ridey as a boss, where you play as a bounty hunter with an arm cannon and explore a giant maze-like world, collecting powerups as you go.

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