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Pokemon Sun & Moon Global Mission #2 Will Begin Tomorrow

Pokemon Sun & Moon‘s first global mission was not a success. The mission objective was to catch 100,000,000 Pokemon, but only 16,500,000 was caught. That’s not stopping anyone from a second global mission, however. Global Mission #2 begins on December 27th and runs until January 29th. This time, the objective is for players to use the game’s Island Scan feature to capture or defeat 1,000,000 Pokémon. If you would like to participate, go to “Festival Plaza” from the touch-screen menu and then walk straight up to the castle. You will find a woman inside that’s on the right. She will get you sorted for the Global Mission. If the mission is accomplished, the reward is 2,017 Festival Coins. If the mission is a failure, it’s 217 coins. However, if your account is linked with the Pokemon Global Link, you can earn double the coin rewards, regardless of the mission outcome.



  1. I’m still waiting to see if there is gonna be a Switch version. I really don’t enjoy playing games on my 2ds. And I’m not gonna pay 200$ for a New 3ds XL just for Sun and Moon. Rather wait a year for Stars, or Eclipse, or whatever on the Switch.

    1. There probably won’t be, at least not for quite a while. This is a game you should definitely try. The price might go down, so maybe then

      1. Actually there probably will be, (atleast according to every credible rumor source there is) and as I’m not a huge Pokemon fan, i can wait, if i have to, a LONG time.

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