Red Fly Studios Created Wii Prototypes of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Devil May Cry, and More

On Red Fly Studio’s website is an archive of demos and prototypes, and it has recently been updated with a treasure trove of old Wii prototype titles including Batman Arkham Asylum, Devil May Cry, Dig Dug, and Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter.

Red Fly Studios notes on their site that they have “done dozens of prototypes over the years. Our archives are full of experiments to see what was possible or fun.”

You can check out the clips below:

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  1. “Third parties won’t make games for weak systems with bad graphics”

    But they’d try if there’s demand for it. Meaning if the system is successful they’d put time into it.

      1. That’s what I’m saying…. I’m referring to the trolls who are taking the switch rumors about it being less powerful and not having good graphics when I said that. They make it seem as if devs don’t want to make the game on a lower console because the graphics would not be as good

  2. This is why the weak hardware arguement was never correct. It was always the publisher’s and developer’s decision to make a game or not for any platform.

  3. Meh i doesn’t even look that playable. you guys would be bitching about the frame rate of batman even if it was brought to the wii and ignore the game.

      1. those cod wii sales say otherwise. the wii seems like a joke now but back when it was owned by more people, the wii version being the highest selling version of games was very typical.

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