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Nintendo Try And Make It Clearer What Buying Super Mario Run Unlocks

Since Super Mario Run‘s release last week, Nintendo has opened a section of their official website dedicated to explaining exactly what you unlock if you buy the full version of the app. This is an interesting move, perhaps reflecting lacklustre sales of the game’s in-app purchase. You can check out the full site here, but the basic points are outlined below.

1. Unlock courses 6-4 in World Tour

You can challenge the 24 courses and collect the colored coins in each course. Experience levels like Ghost Houses, airships and castles not included in the trial.

Peach will become a playable character after you clear course 6-4.She can jump longer distance with Floaty Jump.

2. More courses in Toad Rally

There were only plain courses, but that will be increased to 8 different types of courses, expanding the fun of Toad Rally. In the added courses, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow Toads will come to cheer for you

3. More buildings and decorations in Kingdom Builder

With the help of Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow Toads there will be more buildings you can build and more decorations. Expand upon the beauty of your Kingdom with additional items. Place the Rainbow Road to expand your Kingdom.

4. More playable characters

You can build Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette’s houses, whitch will make them playable characters in World Tour and Toad Rally.

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33 thoughts on “Nintendo Try And Make It Clearer What Buying Super Mario Run Unlocks”

  1. Just looking at this list you can see where micro transactions could’ve easily been put into the game. I applaud Nintendo that they didn’t.

    1. The people that say that $10 was too much are dumb. Nintendo could’ve made way more money if it was $0.99 for each character, mode, level, customization option, etc. Nintendo handled this extremely reasonably.

        1. I understand. I was pointing out some of the spots small microtransactions could go. You make a solid point, though. Toads and coins would be a great spot for them to put larger and smaller transactions.

          1. Ten dollars is clearly too much if Nintendo has to detail an outline of what the money gives them. And 10 tens is clearly too much if Nintendo still haven’t released their sales.

            1. What are you talking about? Ten dollars is less than it would cost if they implemented $0.99 microtransactions for each character, world, mode, etc. If they priced it out like most mobile games, people would spend more on it. The reason for the outline was that some people thought it was completely free-to-play (even though Nintendo repeatedly stated that it wasn’t), and that some people thought that it was multiple $10 dollar payments, rather than one. I don’t know where the idea of multiple $10 payments came from, but it’s way off base. Nintendo didn’t need to release the sales. The game topped the App Store, and was downloaded millions of times. The sales figures aren’t coming out just yet, regardless. The game hasn’t been out for very long.

              1. Same thing as pokémon Go, but we got figures for that in only 2 weeks. And anything with Mario on iOS will do good in downloads, but again, where is it in sales? People are all about perception, and we know when some people see 10 dollars, they are going to say “fuck this”. A micro kind of get would have sucked, though, the idea of giving people a free game and playing as they buy might’ve been better in the long-run despite the idea not running so well with others. All in all, I’m not paying 10 dollars for a new super Mario’s port of Mario on rails and played with one hand IMO

      1. Thing is, they should have done that, because that’s the way people buy stuff in mobile games. Everyone thinks twive about paying $10, but nobody really thinks when they pay 10x$1… People just forget how many times they already paid $1 “So that can’t be a lot because you know, it’s always been a small payment of $1 for everything”. Sure, this benefits the cusgtomer more. But it might have been a good move to have a way to unlock stuff for a smaller price, and this one time payment also next to that. That way some people might be to stupid to realise they’re actually paying more, and some people might look at it and say “Yeah, $10 isn’t that much when you gotta pay $1 of you only want to play the courses as peach.”

        People compare this game to other games on the platform, and a one time payment of $10 is just to much when other games are free, and sometimes require just ten small payments of $10, spread over a month or so. Even tough they’re spending the same amount of money.

      2. I completely agree. I actually think that $10 is a fair price for the game, however, if they decide to charge $10 for each installment of the game, then it would be a little too much, especially if the content was less.

  2. I hope this is a wake up call for Nintendo and how the mobile app market makes purchases. But I have said “I hope this is a wake up call for Nintendo” words so many times and it never is. It’s why Sony is killing both Nintendo and Microsoft this time around, they are listening to what the fans want.

    1. I remember reading a theory were it said that Sony has only ever “won” the war whenever its competition fucks itself over. That they never really win because they are good at what they do, but win by default. I always think about that whenever people bring up Sony winning a gen. Hell, even when I bring it up I think of it before hand.

    2. They are killing them because both their mobile (the few they have) and home/handheld games are riddled with microtransactions, actually Microsoft has games riddled with microtransactions. In reality games riddled with microtransactions does not equate to success, Nintendo is “failing” in this game specifically is because the game does not have microtransactions and a bunch of self-entitled spoiled casuals want game like this to be $0.99 or free with no microtransactions and ads and those same snobs are willing to pay $300 for garbage headphones *coughbeatscough*.

    3. Define “killing”? While Sony is most certainly selling more of their underpowered gaming PC’s in a plastic case then the other two, that doesn’t make for a “killing”. The PS2 destroyed the Xbox and Gamecube installed base wise, but Nintendo had far larger profits than Sony’s game division did those years. Personally, I think that too many people buy into Sony’s marketing hype. Now, I’ve owned ever Sony system myself just for their exclusives just as I did each Xbox and each Nintendo System. I’ve owned all of the current gen systems too, but only have my Wii U and Xbox One S left. There simply isn’t anything on the PS4 that had me playing it lately so I sold it. Maybe I’ll get a Pro later, maybe I wont. It will depend on the games. I must say, my gaming PC gets by far the most play time out of everything that I own.

      1. Lifetime sales of the PS4 are close to 50 million and that hasn’t been updated with holiday sales. Xbox one is around 20 million and Wii U is 12 million. Considering this, the PS4 is the standard for 3rd party games and becomes the one to beat. So by killing I am saying it has the largest user base and honestly some great games already offered on it.

        But I agree with you too, if you focus on sales only. But you have to look at Sony and there long term game. They have a TV service, a music service, a game streaming service, and now a huge library of games to play and download from there store, and that’s only in the gaming side of things. If they can get people into their ecosystem and using the services they offer that will create a far better long term strategy than just basing success on a single console.

  3. I purchased it and it’s a great time waster like when you’re on a lunchbreak or when you’re waiting at the doctors for example.

  4. Paidenthusiast rides Laura Dale's Cock

    Casual gamers are just stupid. I am sure they are not going to get mad cos it doesn’t say “free”.

    1. Hey! You paid 39.99, 49.99, 59.99 or 69.99 for a side scrolling mario game that isnt infinite in levels and content too!

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