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Pokémon Prism Has Become Available Again Via ROM Leaks

The fan made Pokémon game, Pokémon Prism, was shut down days before its launch last week, however it seems to have found new life via ROM leaks being shared by various fans.

The title had been created by Adam “Koolboyman” over a number of years, and was finally ready for release this month. However, Nintendo had gotten wind of this news and raised a cease and desist against the game on the grounds of both Pokémon Prism and Pokémon Brown being a violation of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

However, it seems that a group of users on Pastebin had other plans for Adam’s title. “We are a group of people interested in seeing ROM hacks succeed,” they advised “this project grew in popularity enough to make us interested in it, and the letter from Nintendo got us in action”. The group then uploaded the files to Pastebin for others to use.

Since the latest upload of the files, the Pokémon Prism Subreddit has seen its community trading tips and hints, starting an FAQ thread, and expressing their appreciation for the game.

If you haven’t seen Pokemon Prism yet, you can check out YouTuber Hero Voltsy’s play through of it below:

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  1. I’ve been playing it for about a week now on my Gameboy Color. Excellent Rom hack! Lots of fun. They’ve made it very modern, and injected some of their own creativity into it. Some of which, I’d like to see utilized in future official Pokemon game releases.

  2. Nintendo is sure cut down on the warnings and move much quicker to suing people. Some people might be too young to remember them suing people left right and center for far less notable ROM related piracy.

  3. While on one hand I do love the idea of fan games and rom hack (such as pokemon Uranium if you remember that fiasco) the creativeness fans bring with their own ideas and takes on the franchise. However on the other hand we do have to keep in mind that these franchises were created by Nintendo and these people are often times using not just the concept of pokemon in their fan games but also assets from the official titles and that is, in a way, stealing.

  4. Way to stick it to the corporate world, guys! xD

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