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GameStop Italy Opens Pre-orders For Nintendo Switch

GameStop Italy is the latest retailer to open pre-orders on the Nintendo Switch. The popular retailer has Nintendo’s next generation system up for €399,98 but it does say that the price is subject to change, so it isn’t likely to be the official price. Rumours suggest that pre-orders for the console will open on Friday the 13th, the day after the event on the 12th.


6 thoughts on “GameStop Italy Opens Pre-orders For Nintendo Switch”

  1. My retailer has been taking pre orders since the thing was still called NX.
    And they do not take any money until they deliver the product.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!)

      We’ll know of the bundles & the price long before the thing is officially released to stores & websites, so people will be able to change their preorders accordingly or cancel them altogether if they don’t like what they see. Of course, I’d only ever preorder months before an official release from sites like Amazon where they don’t charge you til AFTER they ship the product to you. Because some other places would charge a cancellation fee otherwise.

  2. I pre-orderd it on 28th of april last year… but if i diddin’t done that i would miss out in launch and could wait atleast a few months, with the wii u the same, i pre orderd it so early that i was the forst in the netherlands. It was en few months before the reveal.

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