Video: Here’s A Look At Freedom Planet 2

One of the critically acclaimed indie 2D platformers for the Wii U was the original Freedom Planet. The game launched on the eShop last year and received a number of good reviews. Now the sequel to the game is in development and developer GalaxyTrial has released some fresh new gameplay footage of the fast paced retro themed platformer. The footage features Carol, who is a wildcat, and those who have played the original will recognise her. Check her out in the footage embedded below.



  1. Yikes. The amount of stuff copied directly from sonic is kind of insane. I’m kind of surprised Sega hasn’t stepped in. Although they seem to be cooler about that kind of stuff. Very off putting to me tho.

    1. Why will they “stepped in”? Do you even know that SEGA SUPPORT the Sonic Hackathon every year? -.-

    2. SEGA dose not own everything In your perspective, it a sonic killer but it not, it is own thing. You PC nerds need to stop laching on to Freedom Planet’s ‘sonic’ stigma like it a bad ich. Sega own the sonic tm, not the framework(which the framework is minor for this title).

      Also food for thought for the sonic nerds: one of the staff from sonic mania are working on this title.

  2. Ooooh Carol has a game changing new move, I like it. Also love the bullet train level, I fn love it. Looking forward to seeing more, Im guessing there will be 4 characters based on the lights, maybe Ash?

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