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Rumour: Nintendo Has Developed A VR Shell For The Switch

It seems like everyone is getting in on the Switch rumours. Liam Robertson of Unseen64 certainly has industry contacts, his whole YouTube series revolving around talking to developers. However, remember this is an unconfirmed rumour. According to Robertson, Nintendo has developed a VR shell for the Switch. Even in his tweet Liam sounds cynical, but he seems to believe it. Is this rumour a bit far-fetched? Tell us below.


    1. Imagine it as a google cardboard, but instead of your phone, you put the switch’s screen inside. Your controlers are already ready to be used separate (as the trailer of the switch shows us during the skyrim session)

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      1. I wouldnt like mobile VR like daydream or gear VR because of the fact that it overheats. You can play psvr for longer periods of time because the ps4is the one running the game. So if the switch had VR like that I would like it but not if it was VR that has to be run by the handheld because of overheating. Graphics aren’t my concern

    1. Figure it would probably play like PSVR in that it would have controls but it’s resolution would be low(640×720 per eye) so the visuals might be worse than mobile VR. It’s also kind of a large device to make a VR shell for.

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  2. The problems with Switch VR are numerous, that is why Oculus Rift took so long to get right. First of all, Socke is right; anything under 60fps will not work with VR. Also 720p is a little too pixilated for two inches away from your face. And then there is the problem with looking around. I’m willing to bet that the Nintendo Switch’s motion sensors are not sensitive enough to offer 1:1 motion between your head movements and the screen’s reactions. That one alone is puke city.
    However I must disagree with Socke’s second point, it is not too big. The switch is about the size of a closed 3DS only slightly wider. However that is my only good point towards VR.
    If the Switch as we know it now was given a VR function, it would fail worse then the Virtual Boy. Not to mention unplayable.

      1. The semi-confirmed rumors state both a Gyroscope sensor and (I forget the official term) magnetic sensor. Same as the Wii U and I believe the 3DS as well.

      2. Well yea, you wouldn’t see it because they would be inside the Switch. Really though, the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometers only have to be in the controllers. Outside of VR, there would be no reason to have them in the actual Switch and the VR headset could just include them and give the Switch access to that data via the USB Type-C port. 

      3. Oh really? I don’t think the VR will not be included for the switch because Nintendo has plans to make there own VR in the future. I’m sure of it. They are interest in it. And also, the motion sensor might be in the switch but you could be right. It might be built in to that thing.

    1. This is true. The Switch is 6.9″ wide by 4″ high while the 3DS XL is 6.1″ wide by 3.7″ high. That’s still big though because the screen is 6.2″. Compare that to the Galaxy S7 Edge which is 5.94″ by 2.86″

  3. It could work, but it wouldn’t be good. If its anything like smartphone vr, like you pop the handheld unit into a head strap, it’ll be pretty bad. I have a phone with a beautiful 1080p AMOLED display and VR stuff looks blurry and low res. I’ve even tried it on phones with quad HD displays and it still doesn’t look great. So VR on the supposed 720p display of the switch? Thats a no go for me.

    720p is fine for normal gameplay but holding it an inch in front of your face, magnified, and split into 2 separate images is going to look like absolute rubbish.

    1. Highly unlikely. They would be stretching it’s GPU’s capabilities too thin. Besides those leaked clock speeds infer that he goal is 720p undocked, 1080p docked.

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  6. Well, the Switch might have a 1080p screen, even if most games only use only 720 while mobile (without VR)

    Maybe they are doing something very special (this is nintendo) by taking advantage of the fact, that Switch is bigger than it needs to be for VR, using lenses to make pixels appear smaller. I don’t know if this actually works, but it would simulate a resolution that is higher than 1080p, without additional power.

    But no matter how bad the quality will be, a VR solution like that can be very very cheap, so it would probably still be worth it.

    1. Sorry, but there is no lense that would shrink the pixels without also shrinking the whole image. Plus there are a whole lot of other requirements that the Switch does not appear to meet. It would be nice, but there is a reason that Occulus Rift costs so much and requires a PC that retails around $2000.

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