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Laura K. Dale Comments On The Metro Nintendo Switch Rumours

Not only has Laura Dale got Switch rumours of her own, she’s also become the judge of any rumours sourced from elsewhere. When asked what she thought of the recent Metro rumours about Nintendo’s upcoming console, Dale said she agreed with their release date of March 17th. However, she seems to think the £245 price point is slightly too high. Does Laura’s support make the rumour more credible? Tell us below.


  1. It’s just not factually accurate. We just don’t know, even if “insiders” believe they do.

    The Metro should comment on this next week when we ‘DO’ know.

  2. Your blog added nothing. All you did was quote someone else’s twitter. If you’re not reporting news, you should at least have an opinion or something to add.

    Otherwise, people should just follow that person’s twitter.

    1. MNN is an aggregator of sorts for Nintendo news. To my knowledge, MNN has never been the site to actually break any news.

      If they just said, follow so and so on twitter, you would say “Why can’t you just tell me what they said. Why do I have to go on twitter?” and what if the tweet is deleted? Then there would be no record of the tweet.

      1. It’s not because she “makes rumors”. She has sources who informed her of what the Switch was before it was announced and she continues to report any info she’s heard from her sources that seems to be accurate. What she reports is called a rumor because we can’t confirm them until Nintendo official announces things.

        When you say she “makes rumors”, you’re inferring that she makes things up.

          1. Then her dog has been a pretty good source thus far. Seems Eurogamer use her dog as a source, too.

        1. Well kinda but some rumors that she said sometimes will not come true. Things will never come true if you imagine it. Trust me. I’m pretty sure once the switch gets released, she is gonna stop making reports on the switch. Trust me.

              1. No, you clearly don’t. There would be no reason for her to cover the Switch after it’s released as there would be nothing to investigate. There’s nothing secretive about a product that we are all able to freely deconstruct, scrutinise and analyse.

                  1. Yea, really. People would have the Switch, use its features, hack it’s OS, and even open it up.

    1. I stopped using them a few years ago, way too much restriction, way too many fanboys who aren’t open to differing opinions, and the people who run the site like Des really suck. She banned me for NOT getting into an argument with two other people, and when I explained the situation (granted I was upset cause I had made it clear I wasn’t cursing or making fun of anyone or partaking in the fight going on in the comments section and still got banned) she gave me a permanent ban instead of taking off my ban. I don’t like people in power who don’t do their job right, and think that just cause they have the power, they can go against the rules cause they personally feel like it. If you ban someone for CLEARLY a wrong reason and they get a little upset after trying to explain themselves, you’re taking advantage of your power as an admin.


      I hate nintendo life and its comment section/admins

      1. ||Like I’ve said many times before, they are a civilian base full of cattleness…||

          1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

            Yep. Why should they improve when the majority of us fans just buy whatever crappy product they throw at us? *cough*FedshitForce*cough*

            1. You said “tex” not tax.

              If your question is how much it’ll be taxed then that depends on where you live.

              If you’re asking if it’s $300 because of taxes, then you’re misunderstanding what we’re saying. It’s not 245 dollars, it’s 245 pounds sterling which is the currency of the United Kingdom. Currency in different countries have different values. 245 pounds sterling is roughly equal to 300 US dollars. Tax is then added to that. In my case, I live in an area with a 6% sales tax so I would have to pay an additional $18 in tax.

            1. What?!

              He was correcting your grammar. You can’t just say “same”. He didn’t make the same grammar mistake you made.

  3. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

    So Laura reported it as £199.99 so that is $245.89. I like the Metro’s price better. $249.99 makes me think the Switch relies too heavily on the gimmick & not enough on power. You can’t have a console on par with PS4 and has a portable aspect for 250 without it being sold at a loss which Ninty said isn’t happening.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

        If it’s not, looks like Switch is gonna be my secondary console, if I buy one, for it’s NIntendo 1st party games & exclusives.

        1. My problem with it isn’t the presence of a gimmick but that fact that it’s an incredibly bad gimmick that prevents it from really specializing in anything.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash Switch X3 (Dragon Ball Super & the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z Kai both air 1/7/17 on ! Yay!) says:

            As much crap I give Wii & Wii U for their gimmicks, I don’t hate their gimmicks as I actually loved using them when they were properly used. My problem with their gimmicks has mostly been focused on the fact Nintendo put TOO much focus on them & some games and even settings were either total shit because of them or were held back from being truly great. If only they had put as much focus on power as they did gimmick, and not tried to cater to the cheapskates of the world by making the damn things “affordable,” maybe we wouldn’t be in this predicament & Switch wouldn’t be replacing such a shitty gen of Nintendo gaming.

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