Video: Here’s The First 100 Minutes Of Miitopia

Miitopia looks like a typically bizarre game which has yet to really take off in Japan. Nonetheless, YouTuber Tilmen has rather kindly captured the first 100 minutes of the linear roundbased RPG for your viewing pleasure. The game has yet to be localised for the west, but there’s always the possibility that it will be due to the slim release schedule for the Nintendo 3DS this year due to the upcoming Nintendo Switch.


  1. Interesting idea, bit I’m not sure it’ll work. It sounds too much like the Find Mii adventure on 3ds. If you can’t actually connect with other players and dungeon crawl then I can’t see a point in this. That type of game is seriously lacking and needed in my opinion. It could be the WoW of the Nintendo handheld market, but wont probably.

    We’ll see though, I can’t find much info other than what led me to this theory now. There’s a class called “cat”, word?

  2. Tilmen, the imbecile who talked shit about xenoblade chronicles x (when it was revealed that it ran in 720p and 30fps) and now wants to be acknowledged by soraya saga, right?

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