Original Metroid Soundtrack Remade Using 80s Style Synths

The Metroid series is known for its haunting soundtrack, the perfect accompaniment to Samus’ lonely exploring. In the spirit of the franchise’s thirtieth anniversary last year, YouTube user Luminist has been remastering each of the original game’s chiptunes using 80s style synths. The music is really able to capture the lonely atmosphere of the classic Metroid games, combining it with the sounds of 70s and 80s sci-fi movies. While you can listen to a few samples below, the full album can be bought on Loudr.

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  1. “In the spirit of the franchise’s thirtieth anniversary last year, YouTube user Luminist has been remastering each of the original game’s chiptunes using 80s style synths.” Why is it so hard for people learn the correct musical terminology. This is not a ‘remaster’ – that’s what happens when you take the original tracks/mixes and literally re-master them. Mastering is a process that takes place before a track is finalised for release on/across particular formats. This is an ‘ARRANGEMENT’ or ‘cover’ (though the latter isn’t exactly the most appropriate term in cases such as this either). What’s more, this is definitely not a ‘remix’, though most will likely label it as so…


    1. Not everyone is going to bother to worry about semantics such as yourself.
      I know i don’t care what the “technical term” is for anything.
      It’s not the same but it’s similar.
      I like the term remake myself.
      Cause it’s similar yet not exactly the same.


      1. And you don’t consider that a problem? When people don’t care about what the symbols we use to communicate with each other actually denote and connote, then we get communication breakdown, exacerbations of misunderstanding, misapprehension, misinformation etc. And people wonder why we’ve ended up in the post-truth mess that Western society finds itself in…

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  2. Metroid music, and Super Metroid music in particular, was heavily inspired by the 80’s synth music. Listen to the instrumental tracks to a Tears For Fears or Depeche Mode song… sounds like something that would feel right at home in Brinstar.

    These are really cool tracks! Kudos to the creator.

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  3. This is neat but I prefer Metroid Metal myself. This does not seem as fitting for the series especially for the Prime series. Check out Metroid Metal. It’s super.

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  4. This is fucking fantastic! Part of the appeal of the music in these old games was their synthetic sounds so raising the quality while keep it sounding synthetic works really well!


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