Famitsu Will Have An Hour-Long Video Report On The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Japanese publisher Famitsu has announced that they will be holding a special one hour stream after the Nintendo Switch presentation. The presentation will run on their Niconico channel shortly after the Nintendo Switch Presentation ends. It runs from 9pm-10pm JST which is shortly before the Nintendo Treehouse stream begins.



  1. I cannot wait. While I am watching, I’ll fish with Bait.

    Now Pikmin 4 is the game I cannot wait for. Please let it be unveiled, Grunty really wants to see the home/hamdheld

  2. Grunty wants to see the Pikmin Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink. Oh how I desire a Sneak Peek.

    Im also looking forward to Mario and Bowser. I have to show that turtle a trick to win because his strategy is wayy too thin.

    Mario Sonic and Banjo I cannot stand, me the turtle and the scientist need to come up with plan to rid the Plumber , hedgehog and Bear and forever ban!!


  3. I need to tell those xbox Jerks to release me to Nintendo because it is will worth.

    What the hell was Microsoft thinking of taking Grunty away from Ninty.

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